Downland 30 Ultra Challenge



  • Well, I managed it - 4 hours 34 mins, 23rd place (not sure out of how many).

    And it was tough! Very 'undulating' and the worst thing is you can see what's coming up from miles away - and you can see the little specs that are the people in front of you. But a nice route although cloudy conditions meant the views weren't as good as they could have been.

    The weather for my last 5 miles was appalling - torrential rain, but I'm really glad I did it and 'enjoyed' it in a masochistic sort of way. Having said that, I was pretty warm all the way around, it realy was quite humid.

    All the organisers/marshalls were very friendly which was great for a first timer, so thanks!

    And it hasn't put me off the London to Brighton!
  • I agree with much of what Tanner said (& well done!)

    I, too, enjoyed this race and was pleasantly surprised at my time: 4:52 (& 5th lady!). I lost quite a bit of time on the last 'quarter', though.

    I walked up most of the hill straight after the last drinks station, having run all of the rest of the route, but then that long pull up to Ditchling Beacon. I managed to run as far as the road crossing to the carpark. When I stopped to open the gate, suddenly everything HURT and I had to walk a little bit again. Heavy rain made it hard to see (but I'm getting quite good at running with my eyes closed!) and turned the path into an orange/brown stream. But then it was downhill (at last!) and I saw the windmills... and the finishing field... and Hurrah!

    Excellent, well organised, small, low key, friendly event.

    How did the rest of you get on?
  • decided i hadn't put enough miles in since flm and stayed away. rather glad i did seeing leaf and tanner's times - both much faster than my flm time of 5:05 so i think i'd have been last by a long way - well done to the hardy and fit souls who did it
  • Do the results get posted anywhere?
  • I've just had them sent to me so you can find them:

    by clicking here for the 30 mile or by clicking here for the 5 mile results
  • i too completed it and i was happy to do it in 4hrs 46mins. As was said earlier the last 5 miles was horendous with heavy rain and even heavier legs. I have aching muscles and joints were i never thought i had them before
  • Hi I too comlpleted it but really suffered for not doing enough long runs due to injury!
    still a good challenging run in some nice! weather!!!
    certainly no flat stuff not even level most of the time,
    I did 5 hrs 45ish
    may come back again next year if it runs just to better my time.
  • Hi, had been thinking of doing this, but as it happens would not have been able to due to severe bout food poisoning.
    Will def. consider next year as saw finishing times of 8 hours +. Bit put off by guide saying last years slowest time was 6 hours, which would have counted me out.
  • Whoops - sorry - of course mega congratulations to all who did it, the times sound awesome.
  • Anybody else now going on to do London to Brighton - I am!!
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