BUPA Great North Run

Missed last years race for the first time in years to do another so had to enter via the ballott system - has anyone heard the results yet?



  • I didn't get a place.

    There was a link on the GNR website earlier to check if you got in . It's gone now though for some reason.
  • Thanks, i have just found out that applicants via ballott will be info'd be email beofe the 18th, so fingers crossed.

  • I'm totally confused now Kev. Just checked the GNR website again and this time I have got a place!

    I think their system has fallen over!

    Best wait for the email to be sure of what's happening.
  • which website are yuo looking at? ie address

  • Kev look here

    The front page had a link this morning to check if you got a place in ballot. It's gone now.
  • Kev, the link s now working on the GR website.

    And this time I have got a place!
  • Just Checked and did not get a place. I do not know what the criteria was or was it just lucky dip.

    Have done GNR 7 years on the trot but missed last year. Already have a place for Great South Run, so very dissapointed. Apparently there is another ballot in 2 weeks time after intial winners have had a chance to confirm their interest. So fingers crossed fro that.
  • It was just lucky dip.

    I'm sure that there will be plenty of dropouts, when people panic when they get a place. There's always the option of running for a charity.

    Best of luck.
  • Yeap, no place for me either. Registered step-mum and b/f and they both got a place!

    Not sure if I'm pleased or not :-!
  • Sorry you didn't get in Mitten. Not fair that you registered others and then didn't get a place yourself.

  • I'm in and so's my sis - she got in on the Times Ballot. Did it last year for the first time but had a charity place then. Loved it, and v glad we'll be there again!
  • Yipee i'm in to. Going back to my roots at the Toon. ( live in midlands now)
  • I got my email today. Thought the chances of getting a place would be pretty slim - and guess what - got a place!! Only recently started running and someone suggested GNR would be a good incentive to keep going(?) Paid my fee straight away so there's no backing out now!
  • yup, got in today. should be good.
  • Got email today saying I was in.

    I was a former Times "early-entry ballot", then put into main ballot.

    What are the chances of that happening ?

    Can't say I'm bothered either way now !

  • Me in too - same way as Karl - former Times entry. Received email today - paid - and place confirmed!!
  • I'm in too!
    Never done it before
    Just got to work out how to get there now
  • I've missed out!

    We were organising the trip - all for nothing
  • I missed out too. I sort of thought I wouldn't mind not doing it but now find myself dissapointed!
  • got the shock of my life today, with email saying I had been accepted!! After rejections from london marathon, edinburgh and reading I didnt really hold much hope. purely lucky dip, I'd say
  • hurray !!!

    Im in.....

    how many people for how many places were there for this ballot (just out of interest!)
  • I wasnt expecting to get in either, first application, and well used to rejection
  • yay i am in too - first timer too!! i was totally shocked didnt expect to get in at all - oh well best start making an effort now eh?!
  • Got my email today confirming my place. Paid straigtaway or I may have panicked & backed out. My first half. I am relatively new to running, about 18 months but in the last 12 months have done 3 x 5k & 3 x 10k. Have no idea what to expect. Do they do accommodation packages does anyone know? Now reality is setting in I'm half thrilled to bits & half absolutely terrified!
  • Roy - Nirvarna do accommodation and transfer packages - not cheap but I tried to find a cheaper way last year and had no luck despite trying very hard! Think there's a campsite if you don't mind roughing it. Think there's lots of info on last years forum if it's still there
  • Thanks Ali
  • That's me in too, and my dad. We live opposite sides of the country and I had an email waiting for me when I got in tonight. So that's me paid and me dad's paying up tomorrow. Had only one of us got in the other wouldn't have paid; not so much fun travelling from central / east Scotland on your own!
    Might try and stay in Newcastle night before this time, we both ran it about 8 years ago and drove down on the morning (leaving at 5am) then drove home after the run (back home 9.30pm)! Needless to say we were both knackered the next day!
  • so did many people get through this ballot system? I thought it was only going to be a handful. Anyone else doing this run will see you there.
  • Apparantely accommodation will be rammed...already tried a variety of sources eg Travel Inn, YHA...all booked....nearest = carlisle.... and prices will soar in newcastle nearer the time.

    Here is the tourist info for Newcastle who will advise: 0191 277 8000

    Lots of BnBs and travelodge won't book til nearer the time...

    Im ok ...found a yha not too far away...lucky :)
  • Im in too! Must book a hotel I guess , oh and a flight!!! Im very surprised!

    Good luck everyone......
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