yorkshire 3 peaks

Dont quite know how I did this but last night I said I would run the yorkshire 3 peaks , today I check on the web and realise its 26 miles <doh>

Anyone out there done this ?


  • doesn't it have cut-offs at various points? Think i saw it on itv, once.
  • ive walked it

  • Didnt realise there was an official race ! , this will be a one off , hopefully <oooer >

    I'm after a map of the route if anyone could point me in a good direction

    may have bitten off more than i can chew here
  • I THINK it's around August. Definitely a very organised race. Maybe try a fell-running website, if you can't get any info on here. Is it not in "Events"?
  • it's a pleasure
  • official race in april and you have to qualify, too late for this years race i think, far better to do it later in the year when the weather is better and warmer.have a condensed map i could scan and send if any good mercury, drop me a line.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
  • I've walked it. It'll be a tough run Mercs.
  • I've walked it many times (years ago), don't think it's 26 miles. Used to be 23.5 unless they have changed the route. Would be a tough run! You used to get a badge and certificate in the old days!

    We once did a pub crawl version which was fun!
  • pub crawl

    there arent any bloody pubs up the mountain
  • there was one at the bottom of Whernside(??) by the viaduct. Or was I hallucinating??!!
  • I missed that one
    thers one at the bottom of pen-y-Ghent

    but you wouldnt want to drink and run upthat

    oh I did
    and it was night too
  • I think the only one you could run up is Whernside. The others were hands & knees, scrabbling up and clinging on type climbing. It was cold, pouring with rain and zero visibility on Pen-Y-Ghent - no wonder I missed the pub:-)
    I did run the last mile though - wanted to get back inside the 12 hours to get my badge and certificate.
  • I never got a badge

    and i did it in summat like 10 hours
    I only remember one hands and knees bit
  • You had to send off for the badge, mug, tie "I conquered the 3 Peaks T-Shirt" etc etc. I didn't bother.

    Your mind has blotted out the worst bits hippo. Or you just zoomed up the tricky bits - you did it a lot faster than me :-)

    (I hope we aren't putting you off mercs)
  • I was 24 at the time

    Hippo sighs

    Id better not try it again-look what happened at the Lyke Wake

    i do recall refusing to go up a scree hill towards the end-then realised I had no choice
  • same here - it was bastardly windy and I was terribly frightened so I lay down and refused to go on. But of course I did!

    (great fun Mercs, honest!!)
  • yes

  • Ive nearly convinced myself
  • And another thing, I knackered my knees and couldn't run for 3 months!
  • <sigh> one of the best experiences of my life <double sigh>
  • I just had a mad impulse to do the Lyke Wake Horror again

    and ive ben asking about fell shoes

    Please god dont let me turn into a fell runner

    they are REALLY nuts
  • And your point is Hippo??
  • fell runners are hell bent on suicide!

    I just remembered how scared i am of downhills

    Im ok now
  • I canot believe people RUN this
  • Mercs

    You need to have completed a couple of category 'A' fell races to be eligible for entry. Don't know how thoughroughly they check this out.

    Its THE fell race in the calendar, but its bloody tough. Cut off times are rigourously enforced. Its frequent for people to have completed 3/4 of the race and be DNF'd for being off the time, even when they go on to finish.

    For info take a look at,


  • Phew

    Im not eligible
    and never will be
  • erm! sorrry hippo but i do this as a training run in a nice steady 5-6 hours as well as the rombalds stride a lovely 22 mile run across the otley and ilkey moors ba' tat in 3:45, as well as skipton to leeds along the leeds liverpool canal in under 5 hours not bragging or anything just love running on the hills and open land for a nice day out which obviously makes it easier running the road marathons. lucky to live in gods country and get around the open hills easy, work shift and plenty of time off!! by the way shoulder injury at the moment, toataly p*ssed off, on the sick from work and unable to run and putting on the pounds in weight, i shall return!!
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