Pace Bands

Found this priceless last year, so thought I'd put a link to it again this year as I can't find the relevant thread to boing.

Simply input your goal time for the marathon (or whatever distace you want) say if you want your splits in km's or miles and hey presto you have a wrist band for all your splits.

I hope this link works


  • Cracking idea, Fruit Cake.
  • Great link!

    I have used this idea in the past but usually just wrote it out by hand.

    Thanks fruit cake :O)
  • Great stuff - i'm sure my band will serve me well!
  • Thanks for that Fruit Cake. It will be very useful for my forthcoming 1/2 marathpns too ;-))))
  • Just printed mine off, it looks very scary :0

  • Is it customized for London ?

    In NYC last year they were giving these out at the EXPO but they were modified to take account of the ups and downs in the course.

    Anyway, has anyone worked out (by trying it say) what difference the course changes may make to our splits ?
  • FLM is virtually flat.

  • Yes, I know that (hasn't it got an overall negative gradient?) and NYC wasn't.
  • This band looks like it does dead even pacing. eg if you put in 4 hours, it reckons you are going to get to half way in exactly 2 hours. I guess this is what the RW pacers are also trying to do.
  • Fruit cake i have to say this is a really cool idea, thank you for sharing it.

    I'm doing the Sussex Beacon half Marathon this weekend so will try it then. If it works will definately print one out for the FLM.

    I'm a first time runner who only started running 7 months ago (after seeing my twin sister complete the FLM last year in 4.27 and was so proud of her i thought it was a good idea, not so sure now) pace is something i'm still trying to work out so hopefully this will help me achieve my goal of 4.30ish ;-)
  • Fruit cake - what a great idea and so nice of you to share it!
  • im not sure what everyones goin on about but sounds good where can i do/get mine

  • Emma,

    Click on the link in the first post on this page
  • Is the pace band calculator losing the plot? i put in 3.45.00 gave me splits for 3.27.Tried 4.00.00 spot on, then put in 3.59.00 gave me 3.35.00. Maybe i'm doing something wrong.
  • Ah that happened to me

    Are u using full stops instead of colons?
  • Yes i'll try again
  • That's better,thanks PieNapper
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