What two sessions ?

I want to join my running club on their Tuesday evening speed interval training sessions but on a Tuesday morning I go running with my running partner.
In traing for the FLM, what would be the best session to do in the morning ? A fast 60-70 minute run or another shorter faster interval/fartlek ?


  • How about a steady 60 minute morning run, or do the evening speed session another day ??

    Two hard and fast sessions in a day on top of the distance build up for a marathon could be inviting injury. Depends how much you push the intervals really.
  • Thanks Mr C,

    Tuesdays is the only day that my running club do speedwork so likely I will, as you suggest, do a steady 60-80 minute morning run.
  • I do a slowish steady run on Tuesday mornings when i'm planning to do a speed session with the Club in the evening.
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