Male of Yorkshire origin now residing in Trinidad wonders if there are other ex-pats read/use RW forums?

Want to share location, running experiences in different climes?

Stories of the 'old' country (yorksire of rest of the UK.....

For me, been in Trini since Sept 2003. Running is ace out here, but can get a little hot at times. In the final 8 days taper to the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon...the only one for the year!


  • Cath in Canada :)
  • In Sweden.

    Cath - Where in Canada? Some good running there!
  • Wish I was in Trinidad just now instead of snowy Scotland. It's freezing! Brrrrrrrrr.
  • Triathlete & Marathon runner, in Germany. Great sports facilities and clubs.
  • Can i join you?
    Currently in New York soon to move to Germany
  • Cath, off to Toronto end march for a couple of days R&R before going to Vancouver on business..whats the weather like?

    Termite..Sweden..mmmmm cold or what!

    GJP.. What running in Central park like?
  • Termite - where in Sweden? I go on business to Stockholm regularly and would appreciate knowing where's safe to run in the evenings ....

    .....and how the **** you convince yourself to go out when it's so coooold (Helsinki is proving even worse in this!)
  • Sometimes central park feels like the runing capital of the world the number of runners you see out there. Its a completely "awesome" experience especially running around the reservoir at twilight. You see all the buildings in midtown manhattan lit up as a backdrop including the empire state building. Definately be a memory I take with me. Nearly beats running the coastal path in Cornwall at sunset.
  • Not so cold at the minute - so the snow is more like slush and a little challenging to run in - makes some good noises though. Chickening out and heading for a treadmill today.

    Trinirunner - FYI been -35 with windchill in Toronto not so long ago! Enjoy.

    Heckenhocker - Live just over an hour west of Stockholm, not been here so long - but seems that Sweden is one of the safer countries in the world and have wandered around Stockholm late at night with no worries. Seem to be a number of trails on Djurgården and Ladugårdgärdet region (close to the centre), think also on Lidingo.
  • GJP - where in Germany are you moving to?
  • I'm moving to Dresden in April
  • GJP, agree on coast. I love the north Devon coast path, I've run miles of it. Nothing yet to beat it the world over!

    Termite sounds like I need to take the cold weather gear to Tronno!
  • Being a Cornishman I have to say there is one thing that beats teh North Devon coast. The North Cornwall coast
  • GJP - sorry, Dresden's about 5 hours north of me! I've been there once.
  • Does a Yorkshireman in Northern Ireland count??
  • Ooh and a Geordie in Bershire..........

    Trinnirunner. Cath is only on a snowboarding hol in Banff at the moment, Im amazed you havent heard about it. Apparently at the Moment its about -15/20 give or take a few degrees.
    No doubt she will start up a thread when she gets back and will let us all know how it went :)
  • Welshman in Zuzzex..........

  • Welshman helping the English out in Yorkshire.....

    (they need all the help they can get ;0))
  • The only country I know where they charge you to get out :( so as to keep people in !!!!
  • no Nicko - we charge you to get in, we let you out for free..........
  • Nicko, didn't realize it was that Cath. Yes, I knew she was skiing.

    Yorkshiremen are always ex pats when they leave Yorkshire!
  • Dubai is the place to be for a nice sweaty run! Nothing beats running the SOUTH Devon Coastal path (All my Cornish relatives would be very upset if they knew I said that).

    Expats on the forums that I'm aware of

    Dubai Dave
    Swiss Bobby
    Stranded in Turkey
    Derm in Saudi
    Timbo Gazelle
    Dutch Johnny
    Lizzy B

    Sure there are loads more

  • Hi DD, How did you get on in the Marathon, missed the news on the thread?
  • I used to be Pat Butcher, can I join?
  • MartinH is here in Germany too, so's Foggyone, both around the Frankfurt area.
  • Hi

    I'm JP in er...yes, you guessed it - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Essex man from Norfolk enjoying warmer, drier climes. Loads of places to rent out here if you want to join me!
  • must get this thread cazzed, too much sun and enjoyment :-((
  • do I count?

    I'm sort of the reverse - Australian but lived in London for 3.5 years until last year, now back in Melbourne
  • Tri runner,

    Dubai Marathon in 3-45. Abu Dhabi marathon on 18th March, then FLM and then the biggy Comrades on the 16th June. After that I think I'll have a break, last year I didn't take a break after Comrades and promptly got injured!
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