Compex muscle stimulator

You may have seen adverts for this very expensive gadget in the magaazines but has anyone actually used one or bought one? All contributions gratefully received


  • Well . . . this one's got you lot going
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I haven't seen the adverts, but are they the same as the "Ab-belt" type things that are supposed to give you a six-pack while you sit at your desk munching cakes?
  • I think the ab-belt things work, but if you have an impenetrable layer of fat over the tummy - you'll never get to see the results.

    So you'd still need to exercise and watch what you eat to reduce your fat percentage.

    I guess this expensive gadget is an advanced version of that ? Can't imagine Paula would be strapped up to it for days on end.
  • I used one last year, (a Slendertone one) and I have to admit it did sod all. I agree with Cougie, you still need to exercise and more inportantly give up the beer!! LOL
  • I love all these gadgets you can buy on these shopping channels. Almost hypnotic.

    Yeah - I think I do need those slimming knickers - brilliant idea. And I'm a bloke !
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