Hoping for 4:30

I'm curently following the runnersworld program fairly strictly and I am hoping to finish in 4:30. New to running but against all advice (freindly warnings) I am now feeling very confident about the tonbridge half marathon this weekend and pressing on with the distance training. I was worried that i'd be the typical "all the gear and no idea" probably will be but at least it's all looking a bit worn now. Am i alone or are other in the same boat i.e. pushing harder than conventional wisdom dicatates and winging an injury free training program to date.


  • theres a sub 4:30 thread on here - why not join in, lots of motivation and support and I'm sure there are some "first timers" on there. good luck with your half - most race predictors indicate something between 1:50-2:05 should be able to achieve a 4:30 marathon. Don't start too fast! Save the energy for later. (Thats usually my mistake tho!)
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