cwl web fundraising??

Hi I have been trying to register with BEMYCHARITY.COM as indicated by the CWL staff to set up a fundraising webpage but it has been down for a few days now.Has anyone got any ideas as to why or am I looking at the wrong website?? -any info appreciated.
cheers stu


  • Sorry, no. Why don't you check with CWL? They might want to know anyway if there is a problem with the site.
  • When I looked at Bemycharity there was a registration fee and 50 quid a month admin charge to the page owner! Try - its free, and dead easy to set up!
  • happyrunning - is not free! It costs the charity you are raising money for £180 plus VAT per year. They then also take 5% of all donations made through the site! You get nowt for nowt these days!!
  • Thats crazy,it might explain why CWL have no link with just giving.I spoke to CWL and they never mentioned any admin fees.Thanks for the heads up folks.
  • There arent any admin fees Via CWL
    Its bmycharity rather that BE maybe thats how you went wrong?

    Its dead simple to set it up
  • Thanks Jenny you've cleared that up!
    All the best ,

  • Great stuff, Glad to help!
  • I appreciate the charges to the charity, but its probably worthwhile as that and the 5% has to be weighted against the fact that the charity gets the money IMMEDIATELY, and can therefore earn immediate interest etc. Much better I think than pledges on sponsor forms and having to wait and gather it all in. However, maybe CWL have a special deal with bmycharity, because when I tried to set up my charity on it the charges were definitely v high - I think registration was 150 plus 50 pound per month - all payable by the page owner!!! Personally I just couldn't afford it!
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