Marathon pace runs

I'm looking for a bit of guidance from the forumites about the best strategy for race pace runs.

The RW schedules make mention of sticking in some time within a long run at intended race pace but what I'd like to know is this: how far, or how long should your 'biggest' run be running it all at race pace. [Apart from 26.2 miles on 17th April, of course!]

Should it be, say, two thirds of race distance at marathon pace - more, less...

Hope this makes sense!

the bat


  • Have a look on the "Sub 4.15" thread (page 4) for some discussion about this.

    It suggests doing some long runs at a slow pace and others starting slowly, but speeding up for the last 30-90 minutes of the run.

    Personally I try and alternate long runs between slow and race pace.

  • Cheers MJ - I've been doing that as part of my training.

    Is there any consensus in how far is not too far for doing the whole of a run, say 16-17 miles at marathon pace from start to finish?

    Maybe a long run at race pace is not advisable but I'd expect that at least one of the 'shorter' big runs should aim to mimic race day, up to a point.

    the bat
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