24th February 2004

Just back from 5 miles in slushy snow. Think it could more accurately be 7 miles due to all the sliding.




  • Guess I'm so tired I don't even know what year it is!
  • At least you've done yours!!! I'm about to go out & do mine (well in about 45 mins), so it'll be dark as well - how cheery is that???
    Look on the bright side, we're out there doing it, risking major injury obviously, but hell we're BRITISH !!!! Is that "land of hope & glory" I can here.......?
  • Ran at lunch time today..jesus it was cold and windy..did a 6 and couldn't talk afterwards, me face was frozen...some might say thats a good thing ..people at work think im ready for a straight jacket..but us runners know don't we? don't we? we do ....tell me we do............
  • Went out yesterday in a blizzard, ended up looking like a blessed snowman.

    We do know, we do honest :-)
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