Travel on the day (in a panic already)

Hello all this will be my ist London anyone know if there is likely to be any problems getting from Waterloo station to the start on race morning. Also best way bus,taxi,underground,ect (iam working myself up into a panic already and its still only decemeber.
Thanks Dave


  • Hi Dave!

    Trains from Charing Cross which go through Waterloo East - but they tend to be jam packed so allow plenty of time.

    Guess there's the alternative of the DLR these days, but I haven't tried this so can't comment on how crowded it would be.

    Cheers, Iain
  • Hi Dave,
    I go from Waterloo East and as lain says it does get very crowded, but it's not a problem. Just give yourself plenty of time.
  • Hi this will be my 9th FLM. There is free rail travel for all runners on race day. Best station is Charing Cross, as trains will be packed when they arrive at Waterloo. Allow plently of time to get to the start as there are 30,000 plus people trying to do the same as you ,so things tend to move very slow..
  • Dave, I was in a bit of a panic last year but as everyone says, it isn't difficult - just a bit crowded. Try not to get worked up about it and give yourself plenty of time.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Waterloo to Waterloo East over the bridge.
    Aim to get there before 8am and there won't be too many crowds,afterwards can get a bit hectic,but its only 10-15 mins and everyones doing the same thing so its really quite fun.

    Ooooo smell that deep heat and vaseline...
  • Be prepared to have your nose stuck in someones armpit!
  • What are you worried about Dave. Waterloo is in London isn't it?? I have to rely on Ryanair on the Saturday night from Dublin! Good luck with the race!!
  • run there lol
    noooooooooooo i found dlr the best way but depends where youre coming from once at waterloo just follow the crowd or be draged by it . gl on the day
  • James - Re coming from Dublin on the Saturday night... Remember that you have to register at the expo in East London on Friday or Saturday before 5pm, so don't fly in much after midday on the Saturday! (Unless there are special arrangements for non-UK entrants, but I thought you were all in the same boat.)

  • Running C us overseas runners have to go the Expo like the rest of you. James you might have to sort out how you are getting your number and chip on Saturday.
  • I'm in London on the Friday! Unfortunately have to do a lot of flying that weekend. Thanks.
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