Dirty Water Bottles

I think I've seen a thread like this previously, but can't remember the answer.

Last year I started using a water bottle (one of those proper ones shaped to fit in your hand). Everything was fine until I did two training runs in the space of a couple of weeks, of about ten miles, and only just made it home. Let's just say that say that one run lead to another, if you get my drift! I stopped using the bottle and subsequently did equally long training runs and then a couple of half marathons, and the internal plumbing gave me no problems, so I can only assume that there was something sinister in the bottle. I tried washing up liquid, (thoroughly rinsed, of course), but want to start using the bottle, or a new one, again. Am I right in thinking that those tablets for cleaning false teeth are a good idea, or does someone have a better idea?


  • What about sterilising tablts/liquid that you use for babies bottles
  • i find bottles do get mouldy ..especially water bottles with squirty lids

    i usually buy cheap water in those squirty sports bottles and replace them every now and then so its cheap enough

    otherwise very warm water and a bottle cleaning brush to get the slimy bits ( moreso from fruit juice or energy drinks )
  • If you wash the bottles when you get back - you should be fine. Dishwashers are great for cleaning them.

    I don't necessarily think it was something in your bottle - you can see if it starts to go mouldy - and if it does I'd throw it.

    Energy drinks are far worse than water for mould growth though.
  • how do you get rid of the mould

    dishwashers dont
  • Spent ages with one of these, moving to disposable, easier, treat as expense of running. cheaper than gym.

    Plus, it leaks in the car, sugar, summer, wasps, bees, flies, etc. nuff said
  • Don't let the mould get there in the first place hipps ?

    ilton may shift it, but I'd ditch it.
    We've got water bottles in daily use and some must be 3 years old.
  • try Steradent tablets, after seeing how clean they brought up an old thermos flask I had they should clean your water bottle ok.
  • Milton's sterilising tablets, unless your bottle is metal.

    They're good for all sorts of things - even removing mould from shower curtains!
  • Millsy: I wash mine after every run with washing up liquid then about once a week I put some 'Milton' liquid baby steriliser in them with water and leave overnight then rinse well the next day and they are like new again. You don't need much and a small bottle costs about £1 from Boots so it lasts a long time.
  • Dishwasher regularly and soak in Milton, say every month.

    I once left a bottle for quite a while and there was mould growing in there that resembled an octopus leg complete with tentacles. The bottle was solid, and I had been regularly drinking out of it - ewwww

  • Bleach - cheap and effective. Before you all recoil in horror, just make sure you rinse them loads. I wash mine every weekend in bleach and I'm not dead yet.
  • Thanks for all the advice. I think I'll try some Milton. I have always washed the bottle with washing up liquid after each run, and have never seen any scum inside, but these things are not always visible to the naked eye.

    Cougie - I take your point about other factors, and you could be right, but it was one hell of a coincidence, that long run with bottle = problem, whilst even longer run without = no problem. I'll try the Milton and hope that it's only my fingers that I need to keep crossed!
  • Urggh, Gary. That's horrible!

    I've had mine since 1997, it's a nike one and I only ever put water in it to drink. I clean it after each run, or the day after, though just with washing up liquid and a scrubby thing on a stick that reaches all the insides. I do have some Milton though, so I may start using that as well!
  • Put a few grains of rice in the bottle with hot water and shake it all about. The rice scours the inside, where no bottle brush can reach.

    Debbie - bleach may not have killed you yet, but you are looking a little "ruff".
  • Yes, maybe, but look how bright the colours on my blanket are :o)
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