Trail Shoes

Having wallowed about in the mud in normal running shoes at the Stourgridge Stagger amd considering purchasing some Trail shoes for Great Grizedale Trail run and the Bluebell Trail. Should I be considering a hybrid shoe or a true trail shoe. Am 90kg male with wide feet. Neutral stance. Started running 15 months ago. Thoughts please.


  • Have a look at the inov8 thread - I'll boing it for you. That might give you some ideas.
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    Trail Shoes

    It would seem from the instructions that trail shoes are prefered.I am 90kgs , mild over pronator suited to a wide fitting shoe.
    The models I am considering are:-

    ASICS Gel Eagle Trail Gore-Tex
    BROOKS Cascadia
    INOV-8 Mudclaw
    MONTRAIL Masai
    MONTRAIL Hardrock

    Thoughts please.
  • Very pleased with Salomon XA Pro 3Ds - been using them on stoney tracks and forest trails for a month. Good protection from stones and other debris underfoot whilst being nicely cushioned, low and stable. Feel like they should be fine on short stretches of road as well.
  • Thanks for that I have bought some Asics.
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