i-pod shuffle - usb connection?

i've been given an i-pod shuffle as a gift. i don't own a bigger i-pod. there is no usb connection in the package - do i need to buy this separately - anyone know how much they cost? thanks X


  • Usually USBs cost about £5-£10 or you can get the little docking station. Try this link http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00074Z9P0/ref=er_ra_acc_dp_1/026-5041252-7170864

  • Have you taken the cap off the Shuffle? I *think* the USB connection is under there (saw one in the Apple shop...waiting for my birthday to roll round!)
  • thanks - i know where the usb connection is on the shuffle - just that no cables were included to connect the shuffle to my pc.

    i checked out the amazon site and saw the docking station - it's £19.00 - a big rip off if you ask me - is this for recharging only or is this used to download music onto the shuffle too.

    sorry - i'm SUCH a luddite when it comes to these things.

  • sorry :-) didn't mean to offend! I just plug my MP3 USB connection direct to the USB port on my laptop so I never thought of needing a cable

    Enjoy shuffling :-)
  • If you want a USB extension cable because your USB ports are at the back of your PC, you want one of these, or similar - 3 quid. Just make sure it's male one end and female the other end.

    If you USB ports are on the front of your PC, like Heckenhocker says, just plug it in!
  • also, if you've got a digital camera it might be the same sort of connector, so you should be able to use that...
  • great - thanks for all your help. no offense heckenhocker thanks for the advice.
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