Paula you sexy thing!

Paula radcliffe in a black bodice, that should be enough to get the pulse racing and the palms sweaty of a lot of people around here!

Anyway well done Mrs!

Think I prefer her in shorts and a vest!


  • she so deserved it - her and Jane Tomlinson
  • Fantastic,

    Paula winning and my URWFRC shirt all in one weekend.........YES
  • What race was she in this weekend then . . . . ? Have I missed something . . . ?
  • Well Done Paula, Most deserved, "BBC Sports Personality of the Year" First time I have agreed with the decision in ages
  • And by her now accustomed huge winning margin!
  • Brilliant, fantastic.
  • I like to feel that by not challenging her so closely in FLM, I only increased her chances of victory last night....
  • ..ever the gentleman Barkles! Didn't she look good though?
  • Stunning mate.
  • Did Paula win it?

    I was still mentally undressing the blonde bint sitting next to George Best.

    Must have missed what went on after that.
  • Of course she won Snoop, who else was there that could have won it, unless it is all rigged.
  • Bint? If that means what it used to when I was at school, please don't use it again!
  • Sassie, he's being flippant, he's nice really, but don't tell him I said so, and he's going to give £25 to my charity soon, so he's not all that bad..
  • Go on Sassie, give him another slap, although he'd probably enjoy it

    As somebody else said as usual she didn't just win, she destroyed the field. In fact the winning margins were only based on the calls on the night. If all the pre-votes were counted I bet it was even more impressive.

    And she is running London next year as am I - so I get to run with Paula. OK so by the time I finish, she will have won, done the interviews, gone home, done a 5 mile warm-down, had an ice bath, had dinner and written her autobiography but I will have been in the same competitive race as Paula - what a sport Athletics is !
  • FABULOUS, WHO ELSE COULD HAVE EVEN GOT CLOSE. why was beckham one of the short list? The most worthy winner for a long time. Glad to hear PAULA'S changed her mind about FLM, see you there.
  • I love you Paula.
  • Yes, well done Paula. Who were all of those idiots that voted for that overpaid tosser Beckham?
  • Not me mate, honest.....
  • She is the sexiest athlete in the entire universe.
  • Erm that thing about the Basque was meant to be sarcastic...I thought she looked uncomfortable and Rickster think you are forgetting Denice Lewis!!!!!
  • I allways think female athletes look a bit odd in glam gear
  • No, honestly she is.

  • She did look uncomfortable and hunched of shoulder - trousers would have looked better than a skirt too
  • Everyone is entitled to there own opinion.
  • I wouldn't say no to her.

  • Very true - wouldn't do if we all found the same things attractive at all.

  • did the english cricket team get any votes for BBC SPOTY at all ?
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