Paula to run next year


For anyone who missed it on SPOTY, Paula said she'd just decided to run the FLM next year :o)

It seemed to set her up well for a good track season this year, so I gues it makes sense.



  • Does this mean I'll have to settle for second place?
  • Ill be third then:)
    Third from last
  • Paula in FLM 2003 - top news. Not too fussed now if I don't get in. Will enjoy watching her race instead.
  • I echo that sentiment Cyberboy.
  • She's not going to get in my way again, is she?????
  • Doh! I've just received a nice navy fleece from the postie. Looks like I will be in my armchair on the morning of April 13! C'MON PAULA!
  • so i guess that means Paula didn't have a fleece arrive in the post then!!!

    Excellent news about her running. i wonder how long she'll have been home by the time i finish.

    Enjoyed the SPOTY last night. Paula and Jane Tomlinson - i am not worthy.
  • As i said some weeks back, PR will run and defend her FLM title. Why fix/tamper with something that works a treat. It setup her up for thw whole year and will do again, if injury free of course. It can happen to the BEST. Fingers-X PR remains OK for 2003. (She did have that niggle after slipping on the shower mat after the Richmond 10k if you recall).
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