Forest of Dean X-mas Pud

Just (well 12 hours ago) done this race for the first time.

It was small, friendly and well organised. I'm sure the scenery was very pretty but I was too busy looking at the ground about 5 feet in front of me! There was one nasty hill, which was a walker for all but those at the front, and some very tricky descents on fast, narrow, rocky, single file tracks (my ankles are just starting to stiffen up now, as I must have gone over on them four or five times each, and I was wearing fell shoes!). The course, of just under 6 miles, was clearly marked and well marshalled in the right places, and I found the finish, on a nice fast down-hill, came up just when you weren't expecting it, so you could give it that bit extra!

Thanks very much Forest of Dean Athletic Club. I'll be back next year.


  • Well I thought it was good anyway!
  • i agree - great fun!
    nice to see you again as well bear (albeit very swiftly)
    Did you feel dizzy going down that one slippery rocky track? everthing seemed to spin !!!
  • Well done Bear and sc for racing what sounds like a great course.

    Know what you mean about missing the scenery Bear. On those kind of races it's difficult to lift the eyes from the ground unless you want to be flat on it!
  • Nice to see you too, Scoobs. Sorry it was so brief but I was bustin'! Not sure about the dizziness it seemed more of a barely (sorry for the pun) controlled free fall.

    Thank you Hilly. People like you are the reason I love running so much. The sport is packed with people who give encouragement and a friendly word even if they're not in the event. You're a star, H!
  • Bear,

    I won't be at Merthyr mawr, chest thing is taking too long to shrug off.
  • Wise move, mate.

    Hope you shake it off for Christmas.

    Have a good un!
  • Yeah, you to.

    Richard Burton 10k?
  • Depends on marathon training schedule. Did it this year as part of my training for the Bath half. It's a good one but the finish is deceptive. When you think you're near at the finish, you're not. Well I did anyway.

    Once I've got my schedule sorted out I'll drop you a line to compare notes!

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