Shoe Goo

My big toes are just in the process of punching a hole through the fabric on my Asic 1050s - daft as it sounds, I'm loathe to part with the shoes as I think there's still a reasonable amount of mileage left in them & they're a good comfy shoe - someone's mentioned fixing where the fabric's frayed with something called Shoe Goo - does anyone else do this & does it work please?



  • I did try Shoe Goo many years ago when I did not have much money to buy new shoes. I used it on the soles which is what it is intended for, it's like liquid rubber, don't think it's any good for the uppers though.
  • Shoe Goo is black goo for fixing worn down heels/soles. might seal the fraying uppers I guess.

    A mend for the upper might be better done with a canvas patch from an outdoor shop (Millets or similar).
  • Shoe goo is great.

    I used to use it on my shoes when i used to skateboard to strengthen the sides against the rough grip tape on the top of board.

    Give it go, it won't look pretty, but it will cerntainly do the job for you.
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