Rave Run page 8

I know its some time since I lived there but trees within 10 minutes of walsall town centre, concord must be back!


  • There must be some....

    They have plenty of Dogs. WOOF, WOOF.
  • Doesn't Walsall have an arboretum?

    (answer: yep.)
  • Its hardly rural is it? theres a 10 foot wall round it to stop the trees being nicked.
  • Those aren't trees. They're half-eaten deep-fried mars bars.
  • I used to live in Walsall, and believe it or not 'work' in the arbo. It was good once but I think it's a bit run down now. Last time I was up there, I did a long run along the cut from the top of Pelsall, through Brownhills, Aldridge, Rushall into Walsall with a loop around the arboretum before along the road back to Pelsall. There are trees, I think but couldn't tell because of all the chip wrappers stuck to them.
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