Accommodation County Hall

I have a twin room booked at the County Hall for the Saturday and Sunday night. Neither Mr Speedy or I go in this year and were going to still go and spectate but have decided not to now.

I am therefore about to cancel the room but if anyone is requiring this let me know before Friday (will cancel then). I am sure we could change the booking over.


  • Where is the county hall? I am interested if it is not too expensive...typically i have left it all till the last minute and now all the rooms available are rip-off expensive!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Speedy.. have a word with Blisters, I know he was looking for a room here.

    KR.. it is very close to the Millenium Wheel. About £75-80 per room I think excluding breakfast.
  • Hi KR - it is the Travel Inn not far from the finish. It is about £85 per night for the room. Great for when you are finished. Mr Speedy can make it from the finish to the hotel, have a bath and still get back to see me finish. He is fast and I am slow hence the fact he can manage this.

    Will contact Blisters tomorrow as off to bed now.
  • I've been badgering them for ages, and I've now got a room in the County Hall TI, that magically appeared on the system, on or around Friday!

    Thanks for remembering me folks!

    (As a result I have released the room I was holding at Southwalk Travel Inn)

    Next up:
    The wait for APEX train tickets to be released.....
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