Returning to running

Please can someone give me some tips on where to start ?

I damaged my knee in first week in November, ripped my colateral ligament and tore my muscles around my knee. Was in leg support for about 7 weeks, could not put any weight on it. Mid january and im walking fine on it, but now i cant wait to get running.

Had anyone any tips to get me started again ? i am a lone plodder and not the fastest by anymeans.



  • Ouch!

    I think in your position I'd get along to a physio who can advise you, speed recovery and plan a gradual return.

    Other than that, do it very, very carefully!

    Best of luck.
  • You need to begin very modesty and build up very gradually, this'll allow your neglected and weakened bits to strengthen by increments.
    If you dive in with too much enthusiasm you'll suffer some other problem - probably an overuse injury.
    I work with sports injuries, if you want I could send you a copy of my "Ladder Back to Running Following Injury". It's an easy to follow plan & will sort you out.
    If you'd like me to email it to you send me your email address.
  • Chris,
    Thanks that would be great, i have emailed you my address.

    I was doing quite well just before this happened and wanted to enter the Dublin marathon (as my first one)this year. I had done a half marathon earlier last year and i was planning on slowly improving my distance.

    But now i think i would be lucky to do 5 miles with out struggling. My leg does not hurt unless im on an incline.

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