London Chest Hospital 10K

That's July's race sorted!!


  • Yes I will be there I know organisers will have learnt from mistakes last year good fast course. anybody else going to join us
  • This is my PB race, so yes!
  • I think I might, is it just the entrance fee that raises the money or do you have to raise sponsership?
  • I just paid the fee last year and then bought a tee shirt. I think they probably send you a form if you would like to raise more.
  • well if i don't have to raise sponsership then I am very interested. Only a beginner and have signed up for a half marathon in October so could do with some other races inbetween.
  • Well I know it is not a requirement. The course is 3 laps or something which I know sounds boring but really helps you to pace yourself, so I would say good for one of your first.
  • Okay, you've got me. Gonna go write it on the calender now. ARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Where is it? Victoria Park?
  • Yes nice flat course
  • Count me in!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    They sent me a form t'other day

    I'll be there

    I hope it will be my pb course.
  • Have ear marked this too.. not sure on the 10k though.. as a newbie but hoping more than 3k will be ok..

    could enter 3k and go for speed! hehe or go for 10k for endurance and good training!

    What do you reckon?

    Might get the kids and hubby along for the 1mile too, as kids are keen to 'run' with me.. but leave them at home till i'm fitter.

  • Think I may do this one - I want a stunning new 10k PB this summer and this looks like a good race for the job :O)
  • I am new to running and have only run on the trendmil.Can do 4 mile ok on there but not sure about 10k.Live next door to it so not far for me to travel.
    Do you think it would be wise be entering.Thanks
  • Patrick go fot it,it is a nice flat course.
    If you can do 4 miles even on a treadmill, you will be o.k.
    If you start to struggle just slow down a bit.
  • Yep i am gonna go for it,but will take me some time to get round,but it is my first so i will jus try and enjoy it.
  • I entered this last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself - great atmosphere even with the slight mishapp at the start. It was only my 2nd race and my first 10k. Will def be entering this year and hopefully raising lots of money! I'd like to beat last year's time too.
  • With this being my first 10k can anyone give me an idea of what sort of time i should be looking at.....

  • PM,

    First 10K? Any time is good (provided you complete it!!)

    Just enjoy it!!
  • I agree! I did mine in about 61 mins. Someone else I know on their first did it in 57. All depends on training and how you are on the day!! The main thing is running it in the first place and completing. That's an achievement in itself!!
  • Well i know at the moment i can get round in about 1hr 15 as i did a pratice run the other day and am still 4 stone overweight and started running just 4 weeks ago.
    So with 3 months to go i hope to knock a good few minutes of that with alot of training, so fingers crossed.
  • Good man!!

    See you there!!
  • Anyone life in the hackney area that i could go for a run with on weekends maybe.
  • Good luck PM that's great going.

    I am only up to 5k at 57 mins.. so your double distance at only 18 mins more is great in my eyes! (Am also 4stone overweight despite having lost 2 stones so far this year...)

    Might see you there, if my runs extend in distance! hehe Have a 5k to do next month first though. :D
  • PH, when you say 'might see you there' I it that you meant 'will see there!"?

    Get your entry in, girl!!
  • Yep, I'm up for it - as Multi said - that's July sorted. And sooooo much cheaper than the 'other' 10k happening in London in July...

    Actually, my first organised run was last July. I was cacking myself and expeced everyone to stare at me and my milky white legs. Suprisingly enough they were too bothered about getting themselves for their run. All that worry for nothing.

    I was just aiming to finish, but the crowds and the pace just dragged me along. You may suprise yourself PM.
  • Hi i did a 10k in training today in 1hr 10mins and felt ok ,so 12 weeks to go ,so i hope to do a little better then as its my first.
    Also pick up a little knee injury today ,hurting abit,anyone any ideas what it could be and how long to rest it
    cheers guys
  • Hmmm - looks like a good post-Trailwalker run!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hello meerkat long time no see
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