London Chest Hospital 10K



  • Hi Pammie! <<hugs>> Good to see you.
  • Hi u guys. Looking to this 10k so see ya there. Live quite close to Victoria Pk so not too far to travel. :)
  • At my current really really slow speed this is gonna take me ages, maybe 1hour20 minutes or so. Is it still worth me doing it?!
  • Course it is Ally. U will get a PB out of it and u can use it as part of your training
  • ally don;t worry its my first also and my time is also slow too,so your not the only one.
    I will be there so just injoy it,and if you like me to hold ya hand then just say.
    Keep smiling
  • anyone know how many laps round vic park is 10 k Thanks
  • I'm still up for this. Hi A-Man, hi Ally.
  • Cool, I'm looking forward to this one now.

    Hi Mava.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Finally got round to entering this (friday night) looking forward to it now ;O))
  • Yeah, that's a good point. Just how many laps of Victoria park is it anyway?
  • I've entered now!!

    Last year there were three laps but not round the entire park. We started further back to make up the extra 1k as the laps were about 3k.

    You do get a map of the running area before hand so it's handy for a practise!
  • Three laps , very flat,you pass a water station at the start of each lap.Just hope they set the 3k race after us, a 30 min delay last year.
  • Hi everyone! good to hear that you're all eager and looking forward to the run :-) we have now received the running numbers and other bits so for those of you who have entered, the information will be sent out to you shortly.
    see you on the day! Antoinette
  • Got my number.....which is good as I had forgotten I entered and was about to do it again :-)
  • Morning... still waiting for my number but I guess there's no rush as its still 2 months away
  • Lost mine last year and had to register again on the day, but was no hassle, probably why I am doing it again.
  • i still have not reg yet,having second thoughts about it.
  • Patrick are u doing any training at the moment? If so. U will be fine for July 31st
  • doing training 3 days a week only on the treadmill need to to some outdoor training which i plan to do soon,new to running still a novice
  • Ok. Outdoor running is completely different to treadmill running so make sure u have the correct running shoes for outdoors as these will reduce the chance of injury. The London Marathon Store in Covent Garden is a good place to start, although there are several specialist running shoes dotted around London.
  • Don't panic everyone just an email from Antoinette and there's no time limit so I'll be at the back bringing up the rear as it will be my first race and I'm still a fair bit overweight.
    But I'll plod along and finish (hopefully)
  • Hey superGran you will be o.k.
    The main thing is you are running,whatever speed you do is great.
    Just remember paula radcliff had to have a first race at sometime.
    It is flat no hills, and their will be other runners the same as you, doing their first race.
    I remember my first race 2 1/2 years ago i thought i was out of my depth but other runners gave me support and i not only got through it but did more races.
  • Richard
    Thanks for the encouragement, I'm really glad it's flat. I know I will enjoy the race but I'm still a bit worried as can only train early morning and so far have never ran at 11.30am. Do you think this will make any difference?.
  • SuperGran
    No i dont think it will make a difference,
    99.9% of my training is late afternoon or early evening.
    Nearly all the races i enter are 10 or 11am starts.
    Treat yourself to a long lie in on the day,then you will fool your body into thinking it is another early run!!!!!
  • Supergran, It won't make any difference at all, just make sure you have breakfast and drink about a pint of water when you get up then you'll have plenty of fuel for the race and won't get dehaydrated.
  • Thanks for the advice I'll give it a go
  • I think that I have entered, at least i hope I have! Will be my first race after 2.5weeks on holiday so it will be interesting to see if the long taper helps!!!
  • Will be lovely to watch you dissapear off into the distance Spans!
  • I still have not entered yet,have to wait till next payday on the 10th june if there is places left,will take me forever to run it but i will try and give it a go.
  • Patrick, at current rates this will take me an hour and half so I'm sure you'll be ahead of me!!
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