London Chest Hospital 10K



  • Thanks supergran. I'll wait for postie with me number. Twill be hot then. Good job its laps and we pass the water station 3 tmes!
  • And they have sponges too!!!
  • Right, I'm in!! Booked it online.

    Will try and get a decent run in tomorrow!

    Peter, Know what you mean, but rivals still manages to make me laugh sometimes.

    Technohippie - Just make sure your personal stereo is full of techno,techno,techno and you'll be setting a PB for sure! ;o))
  • Hi
    just a quick note to say that our closing date for postal entries have been extended to friday 15th July and the online entries Sunday 17th July, so if you haven't entered yet - you'd better be quick!
    Good luck to everyone running ;-)
  • Hi Multi - yup - I can frequently be found in Victoria Park on Thursdays.. but I've can also be spotted at some unearthly hour on Saturday mornings doing hill reps on that insane hill next to the road going towards the observatory with the club!

    The course is generally along tree-lines roads in the park, so shade shouldn't be too far away.

    Good luck with the training everyone.
  • Wow!
    I take back what i said yesterday about an 11.30 race start being ok heatwise, went out for some lunch and it was absoultely sizzling outside.

    Hope the 31st isn't so hot otherwise it will be pretty tough.

  • W14

    Went out for the club Wednesday run last night, averaging 8.5 Minutes a mile for 4.3 Miles with two pit stops for water and nausea (cos of the heat!). Forget hot it was unreal. Hopefully the fact the route is tree lined will help. And sponges...hmmmm think I'll very much be having some of that. Yep will be adjusting to rrun bloody slow mode if we get heat like this on 31st.
  • Peter - What club run is that if you don't mind me asking?

    Think I would have deffo felt v. dizzy running at that pace.

    I'll be running back part of the way home from work tonight, v.slowly. Kew bridge to hammersmith bridge along the towpath.

    Hopefully those luvvvverly ladies from the rowing clubs by Hammersmith bridge will be doing there stretches so I can keep my mind off the run as I pass by ;oD
  • I run with Serpentine Running Club in Hyde Park. They have club runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We cheated a bit on pacing as we stopped the watch when we went for water.

    Rest day today and then up from the Bush to the towpath (Fullers) and back on Friday (or it it is hot a shorter one with some sit ups when I get home). Wedding Saturday so nothing till Monday I don't think.

  • Nice one running around the serpentine, we done that for the Capital fm 10k.

    I'm just a couple of mins from the Bush as well.

    I've also done a few laps around Holland Park and the steep pedestrian bit off the Holland Rd up to the park, that's my hill training sorted!

  • Only do flat runs. Hill training for me is climbing the steps to my seat at Loftus road!
  • HeHe

    I sit in Ellerslie and got cramp in my calf muscle last season. Evening game against Sjoke.
    Not too much room to stretch the leg, I was in agony!!!
  • Don't have a season ticket but would be in either Lower Loft or South africa Road. doing any of the preseason games? Still umming and ahhing about Iran. Oh and a running question, what sort of weekly mileage and long runs are you doing?
  • Until last week I hadn't been able to do anything due to straining my back couple of weeks before that.

    So have just started again really which was why I thought the run on the 31st might have come too soon for me but I'm gonna give it a go anyhoos.

    Distances? Not sure how far Kew to Hammersmith is ( 3 miles maybe? ) But I've started out with that and trying to complete it twice a week.

    Also fitting in some cycling to work to mix up the training a bit.

    The real long one ( for me ) run I try to do is from Twickenham Bridge to Hammersmith.
    I think thats just over 5 miles, might have to do that next week

    Footie - Can't make the Iran game but am going to the Charlton one on Tues 26th.
  • Same here a 3 mile cycle each way to work and a 5 miler now and again. But the bulk now is club runs.

    If I don't do Iran will defo go to Charlton.

  • Just back after a half-hour run, yikes it's hotter than hell out there, hope that sun takes a break on July 31st or we're in for a morning of excess with sunscreen and water.
  • Morning All,

    Completed a 38 min slow jog yesterday but the heat was quite something and this was just after 6pm, thought my head was gonna explode!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Well done Hoops.

    Couldn't run last night, just too hot, so was out this morning at 6am. It was perfect temperature and managed 3.7m in 37 mins, with hills.
  • Cheers Sezz

    Wish I could run that early in the morning but it's hard enough getting up for work never mind going for a run with the added penalty of hills!!!!
  • Hi, just to clarify that the start time for our 10k run on the 31st July begins at 11.30am The other races - 1mile begins at 10am and the 3k at 10.30am
    Also there is registration on the day - it opens at 9am and closes 1/2 hour before each run.
    See y'all on the day!
  • Yeah!

    Got my race number in the post.

    Am looking forward to this now, roll on the 31st!
  • guess it's on the day only now is it?
  • I can't find a website for this race or previous results. Does anyone have this sort of information e.g. course record?
    PottingShed - Are they Kentish poppies in your pic?
  • oh yes, north downs 30k poppies from 2 yrs ago - edge of gravesend (not so many this year)
  • Peter

    You going to the Charlton game?
  • Should be if I can get a pass off the missus tonight! Will let you know in the morning. Are you going?
  • PottingShed - Are you from Gravesend? If so do I know you?
  • Yep, I'm going to the game tomorrow,sitting in the paddock so hope it don't bleeedin rain!

    Off for a run after work tonight but am quite unmotivated at the 'mo
  • I can't run played rugby at the weekend am sore as hell now. Maybe go for a plod tomorrow lunchtime.

    Up for a pre-match beer?

  • Sure if you can make it,I'd be up for a couple pints of guinness.

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