London Chest Hospital 10K



  • Will put a response oin this thread tommorrow morning (The missus has almost definitely relented!!!)

  • ;o))

    No probs.
  • Not from Gravesend. Scots-born geordie, now in south london. Worked in gravesend a bit before they closed the court down, mind. You'd only know me if you were a copper a lawyer or a criminal (try and tell them apart!)
  • W14Hoop: Its on. Do you have a preferred watering hole/time? White Horse is good for me as I live on the Uxbridge Road and the beers cheap.

  • Now don't get all airiated, but why don't you two use email, instead of hijacking a race thread to plan your social agenda.....

    It's really frustating for all those that have email notification turned on for race info......
  • PottingShed - Closing the court must mean that Gravesend is blissfully crime-free. It seems the police station is moving out soon too.
  • Sorry Craig.

    W14Hoop: My e-mail is

    Please e-mail me on this.

  • Peter - Will mail you.

    Craig - Sorry fella, I realise it can be a pain and apologise for this.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Do people want to meet up beforehand somewhere - put faces to names?
  • Sounds good Sezz, How's your training going?

    Am wondering when to have my last run before sunday, will probably do half an hour steady pace - the only pace I have - tomorrow and leave it then until race day.

    Completed 45 mins run yesterday and felt ok.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭


    Think my social life has slightly taken over this week. Oops.


    I don't know the area at all but if someone who does wants to suggest a place to meet, that would be grand.
  • Sezz nor do I. I am travelling up from West London to Mile End for the race.

    Any forumites want to meet up and want to suggest a place?

  • Well, nearly there aren't we?! Hope everyone is fighting fit for sunday

    Good luck to all of yer's running, hopefully sunday isn't too hot. I'm running number 2239 so feel free to trip me up during the race or say hi afterwards ;o))

    Out on the beer tonight but hopefully should recover in time for sunday.

  • I am in Race Number 2237 so same here.

    Good luck on Sunday and have fun
  • Good luck everyone - see you there!
  • I am just now deciding whether or not to do this race. Have been out to the pub tonight and haven't really trained at all lately... But thinking a 10k should be alright. As I live 20mins walk from the start I haven't really got any excuse not to do it. Haven't raced for a long time due to injury and then a bunch of telling myself I'm not ready and I should take it easy...
    So I guess I see you all there. Will drop myself in the deep end and try my best. Good luck to everyone doing this race. And to anyone looking to go to the pub after, try Royal Inn on the Park which is by Royal Gate and close to Grove Rd. They do a killer sunday roast. Nice reward after a great 10k... :)
  • Hope everyone had a good race!! A well organised event and a good PB course. I will be back for the Rainforest Foundation 10K in October to see if any improvements can be made. I was hoping to spot a few more RW vests and faces, but only saw MissP (not that I'm disappointed, of course!).

    Have a good one, folks!!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Didn't enjoy this race much

    Arrived with seconds to spare and just time for a lesperately needed loo stop.

    Start - arrived at start with seconds to spare before hooter went off.

    1km - problem with starting with all the fast ones is that you soon get passed by 100s which is so demoralising. Plus I started off far too quickly, being taken along at a faster pace.

    2-4km - ugh! Really thought about dropping out. Legs felt like jelly and I felt like I was going backwards

    5km - felt sick but kept going as my watch suggested I was doing Ok and under my PB time (amazingly)

    5-6km - felt a bit better and carried on

    7km-8km - legs started to feel very heavy but feeling only lasted a short while thankfully.

    8-10km - ok, decided to pick up pace and stick with a girl just in front of me as her pace was about the same as mine.

    10km - thank you to that girl, wouldn't have finished quite so speedily otherwise.

    Didn't like doing laps coz you know just how far you've gotta go coz you've alrady been there, if ya know what I mean.

    But hey, who cares about the above.

    I got a PB!!!!!

    56:41 by my watch.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Well done Sezz.
  • Nice one, Sezz!! Don't knock it; a PB is a PB!!

    Surprised I didn't see you as I was at the finish line at around that time. I shouted across at someone who I thought was you only to be on the receiving end of some bad looks! I won't be doing that again!!
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Oh Gosh, I hope that wasn't me! The look on my face at the end probalby said "this girl is 100% well and truly knackered". I didn't hear anyone shout Sezz though and I'm sure I wouldn't have given *you* a bad look!

    Very well organised race btw.
  • Well done ppl!

    Anybody has the results?
  • Did anyone else see them poor chaps that fell over at the start?
  • A girl fell over just in front of me. It was very crowded.

    There was a lady with a kind of walking frame who started very near the front and caused a bit of a problem getting round her!
  • great race. yes quite crowded but I started towards the back and it soon spread out.

    Only complaint I had was the chap on the water station who snatched a bottle away from me just as i reached out for it!

    Plus my garmin said the course was a bit on the long side (6.36 miles)!

    otherwise, got a pb and would definitely do it again.
  • I think I should have started further back - it felt like the world was overtaking me at one point!
  • Are the results out yet? Where are they going to be 'published'? Does anyone know the website address?
  • Overall i enjoyed the race despite it being soul destroying laps. reasonable time and "made a friend" on the way round who kept me going for the final 3k. Didnt manage to get her number though. Typical.

    I'd do it again which i think is a good sign.

  • Got a PB of 45.02 - lovely! :)
  • Thought the race was good but I know what Sezz is saying about the laps being a downer.

    Had a bout of cramp on saturday morning which was painful, and was still causing me aggro before the race yesterday.

    After 5k a pain below my kneecap was killing me, was determined not to stop though, and posted a pb of 54 mins so happy with that. But my leg definately isn't happy!

    Have hobbled into work today and am going to take tomorrow off!

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