London Chest Hospital 10K



  • U finished with a PB W14. Thats the main thing. Well done
  • Nice one - loads of PBs.

    I ran with a couple of mates and all three of us got PBs, too - it's the first time I've run a flat 10k, though, having only done Brockwell and Crystal Palace Parks before this weekend, so I was a bit disappointed not to get under 45mins (was way over, somewhere around 46:30)

    Well done though, guys. Hope eveyone's enjoying their hobbling today - you've all earned it!!
  • Ghengis and anyone else who is interested - I was the person who 'fell' over near the front at the start. A big thanks to whoever picked me up and said 'that was completely out of order'.

    Whovever tripped or pushed me - well I'm sure that it was an accident, but not stopping and saying sorry was not an accident, was it. If you're reading this and you ran over 39 mins I beat you (38:51), so you didn't gain anything.

    At the end I found I had quite a few cuts and grazes, and I'd twisted my back, but it feels better today.
  • Just had this from the organiser in case anyone's interested, results won't be posted till 8 August, it seems. Quite keen to know my own time as I wasn't wearing my watch and didn't notice the digital clock at the finish line


    Heart Cells Foundation 10k event results will be listed by the 8th
    August on:-

    * The runnersworld web site

    * Barts and the London NHS Trust website on:-
  • Hi all,

    Did the race yesterday with my sister-in-law. It was her first run, and she really enjoyed herself, setting a PB (obviously!) of 52.08.

    A couple of quesions... How many people ran yesterday, and how on earth did they work out their numbering system?! My father-in-law was wearing 3118!

  • I was puzzled by the numbering system as well. And the colours too: green for 3xxx, blue for 2xxx, yellow for 4xxx. There seemed to be some significance in the numbers/colours but I couldn't work out what it was.

    Great race though. I finished in 44.48, which was a personal best by about 3 minutes. It wasn't a short "10k" was it?

    Congrats to the organisers for such a well-run, friendly event. Loved the sponges!
  • It's certainly not a short course (unlike the London Tri). The Middlesex 10K Championship is held over exactly the same course and is SEAA approved. The course is flat as a pancake and the weather was pretty good, which obviously both helped.
  • The mystery of the colour coding/numbering is explained by gender and age groups. When we old boys turned up, we were directed to a different table from those under 40, and we got different coloured numbers. Ours were green and blue, so the pink and yellow ones must have been for the girlies.

    BTW, was I the only person running who didn't get a PB?

  • I didn't get a PB IRM! (But I did race on Thursday as well, so I put it down to tired legs ;) )
  • Another PB, despite racing on Thursday (5 mile PB) and Saturday (3km Steeplechase PB) - a very tired 37:39 - I gave up going flat out after the first couple of miles and started regretting the previous couple of races in the past 3 days... Still speaks volumes for the quality of the field that I only finished in 32nd place (I think) - my clubmate finished a close 3rd in 34:02 - must have been a steady flow of finishers between him and me.

    I run for VPH and helped with the running of the earlier races - in fact it was my job to 'lose' the 1 mile and 3km races, jogging at the back wearing the officials bib. Thankfully nobody dropped out / had a heart attack!! I am very impressed with my new mile Personal Worst of 14:20!!!

    The course is a measured 10km and the km marks were checked that morning - my garmin also clocked around 6.31 but that's to be expected as I didn't take the shortest route and was weaving in and out of slower runners on the second and third laps.

    AD - sorry to hear about the trip at the start. Hope you got the kind of time you were looking for & recover quickly from the injuries.
  • JamesEarlJones - Well done on your three PBs in one week. I like your approach, it has been working wonders for me too :)

  • Great race , well organised , felt it was a bit long though. i cant complain came 6th out of a very strong field in a time of 34:51, so im pleased. well done to everyone who ran P.B.s - lynton
  • Hi all. I thought this year's race was excellent. I ran a PB too (50.15) so was very pleased. - Rog
  • I see that some results have been posted here: - go to public notice board
  • Thanks for that. My official time isn't as good as the time on my watch. Oh well, still a pb. How are the official times calculated? I mean, is any allowance taken of the fact that people at the back take 30-45 seconds to even reach the starting line?

    I noticed some photos being taken. Are they available on a web site anywhere?
  • There will be no allowance for the time taken to cross the start line. Whilst the timekeepers were at the start line, to do this would have involved noting down almost 800 numbers with 800 times in the space of about 30 seconds!

    I think the times were done by 2 people noting down the times as people crossed the lines, and 2 people noting down their numbers in the order they crossed. They are then collated, cross referenced with names and published - quite a big manual process.

  • Just checked the VPH website, and my time was actually faster than on my watch (by one entire second) - a added bonus, as I was on a PB anyway.

    With regard to the delay between the race starting and actually crossing the line, maybe the ChampionChip system is the way forward?
  • I got a PB and came in at 97 place according to the marshall but I'm not listed by name or number(2662)on the results am I the only one to have been left out?????
  • Ghangis, the results are only provisional at the moment. E-mail with your number, and your approximate finishing time (on the clock by the finish if possible) and your position - they can have another look.

    I'd imagine the chip system is very expensive to hire and they're not perfect - I've known them to screw up / miss my times before.

    The cost of this would have come out of the proceeds of the race which went to a very worthwhile cause. I think the time keepers (volunteers) did a great job - it must be very tough once the masses start crossing the line.
  • My first 10k and a time of 48mins. I'm pleased to have completed it, but hoped to beat 45mins, as I have done in training. Well organised race, very worthwhile cause, nice flat course, would definitely run this again. Thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation of this race. My next big race is a HALF MARATHON in November. Any tips?
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