Should we run barefoot?



  • I only chuck out my 150s when the sole wears away.

    Funnily enough it always goes where the right toe is, so I have a hole in my shoe!

    I think Pants and nrg-b get a lot more wear out of theirs as their style is better than mine.
  • don't think i've ever seen a 'serious' runner in Reebok's anyway.
  • I have bought the Diadora's today. I am going to give them a run out in the Mad March Hare 20 on Sunday. They are good, low to the ground therefore stable, and if or when I get tired there is enough cushioning in the heel if I slip back to heel striking.

    They felt good in Sainsburys shopping, I even set a personal best for getting out of the fruit and vegtables!
  • Will be interested to hear how the Diadors go, KArl.

    Since there are no 150s left in my size (I bought them all), I am now looking for new shoes. I am looking for Nike Jarowe waffles, but seem to have missed all the sales and nobody has my size left. Bonus points and home baking for anybody who can source me any in UK12/US13/Eur47.5 - and don't bother googling, I done the whole list already... :-(

    BR - You throw them out when the soel wears out?!?!? Are you made of money? ;-)
    I get mine resoled and keep going...
    The less midsole you have the less need to worry about wearing it down - something like the Jarowe Waffles it makes no difference - 150s have enough to make a small difference.
    I find the Blue 150s (Petrol & White) wear better than the red & white or red & black ones. Mine tend to get thrown out after 1000-1500M or after the resole has worn through - whichever comes first.

    Link to the Diadora Racers above.
    BR - they are too heavy for me, but may be a good alternative to the Ekiden's for you. A shoe for FLM?
  • Lurker, I meant big pads of fat of an inch or more like heavily padded trainers, unless other people have this and I am blessed with low profile feet!
    Pantman, I've been wearing my vivo's for about 5 months now, and there's no sign of wear on the soles at all, haven't used them for running though. Quite a lot of bargains to be had as terra plana are launching a new range of vivo's mid March.
  • swerve - to pick up on something that you said on the previous page, can you describe how you made the 'wedges' that you put in your shoes?

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