I want to get a tracksuit type thing to wear before a race to keep me warm and toasty before and after a race. Doing the Inverness 1/2 next weekend and would like one for then. Can't find a decent one anywhere which is actually meant for people doing sport. They're all bloomin Ellesse and Kappa etc and I don't want to end up looking like a chav.

Any ideas on where to find one? I've tried just about all the shops in the shopping links on here.


  • I wouldn't bother with a tracksuit.

    Get down to Aldi and they're doing jackets and long tights for next to nuffink. At least you can wear them for sport, and just put them over your kit.
  • Yep - get then seperately.

    TIghts/trackster. If you don't want this get just bottoms from a sports shop.

    Team this with a running jacket or fleece
  • agree with Cougs - you don't NEED a trackie........a pair of baggy trousers or tights for the legs, and a fleece or similar top will do the trick............
  • anyway - tracksuits are only worn by Chavs
  • And Daley Thompson.
  • Inverness - hmmmmmmmm

    you need one of those all in one padded things the rugby players wear when they are on the bench
  • stop looking in JJB and might have more success....
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    LOL Gumps - not far off that at the moment.

    I was at the footie last night, and wore a t-shirt, wooly jumper, fleece, waterproof, hat, scarf, thermal gloves, leggings, fleece trouser, 2 pairs of socks and walking boots with thermal insoles.

    I was almost warm...............
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Am going to watch rugby at Twickers on Saturday. Reckon I will need an all in one padded rugby player to keep me warm!
  • Calling FB.......
  • one padded rugby player (retired) calling for duty sah!

    except I am going skiing on Saturday so need all my padding to keep ME warm!
  • Should have said in my original post that I'm in NE Scotland and we don't have Aldi shops.

    Will probably just get cheap joggy bums and a fleecy top.

    Inverness - I am anticipating being frozen at the end of it.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Do you even have shops in NE Scotland?

    FB - a lot of help you turned out to be!
  • Well, a few shops. Local shops for local people.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Do the peace, quiet and lovely scenery make up for the cold (or are my preconceptions showing)?
  • Twinklemel, may be too late, but Tesco's do fleecy trousers and hoody, plain black in their "value" range(about £4 each). I wear them to keep warm after runs and I think they'd be what you want. There's a big Tesco just outside Inverness on the Nairn road, if that's any help to you.
  • Did eventually find a pair of proper track suit trousers to go with my running jacket (ie with zips above the ankles so that you can take your trousers off without having to take your shoes off).

    Very useful - I'm surprised that they are so hard to find.
  • Twinklemel, what is your number??? Travelling up from sunny Portsmouth for the weekend. Doing the 5k as hated 1/2 last year but will be watching Mr BB and other club memebers come in so could watch you and if you liked my cheap and cheerful aldi trousers i could send you some.

    Was so cold last year i got rain scald through my leggings!!!!
  • Good grief - coming from Portsmouth to run Inverness? Hope you're flying and not driving!

    Why did you hate the 1/2 last year? If it was the weather, it sounds like my first 1/2 which I did in November in Fraserburgh. Near zero temperature, sleet, hail, a gale. Horrible! Inverness will surely be lovely after that.

    Go to the events forum page - there's a thread there re forumites meeting up before the race start.

    Dunno my number - I'll need to look at home and see what it is.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    It has got considerably warmer in Inverness over the weekend. I went out for my run yesterday and had to loop back past the house to dump my fleece gilet because I was overheating.

    Twinks - that sounds very similar to Inverness last year. I had to stop to tie a lace, and it took 10 minutes because my hands were so cold. Must be better this year!
  • Sounds good then! We had a very mild day yesterday too with lots of sun. That would do nicely.

    Fraserburgh was horrible. There was ice on the old railway line we were running on, lots of mud, sleet and hail which were being driven into our faces by the wind, which no matter which way we were running, was in our faces! I figure whatever weather we get on sunday has got to be better than that!
  • Spose as it was cold and I still had a niggle of injury from Bramley 20 miler a few weeks earlier and the fact I was told it was flat!!! My definition of a hill and flat is different to other peoples!!!

    I was in such pain after and had to sit in the car with my head in a bag trying not to be sick then slept the rest of the afternoon as I felt poorly.

    If I dont have good memories of a race I tend not to do them again.

    There is about 30 people from our club going up this year 1/2 are flying direct to Inverness and the others to Glasgow then driving. Think going direct is better.

    Will have a look on forum and look out for people.
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