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I'm running for charity, I'm new to this, obviously my charity is being very supportive (I'm on a golden bond place) and I have a few ideas
-my uni sports club is holding a weekend tournament and we're inviting all the teams to a 'do' in one of the unions rooms, and charging door money -union gets drinks takings, we keep door money, plus raffling bottles of spirits (quid a ticket, try to sell 40 per bottle). I'm hoping these ideas will help others out there, also has anyone got any good ideas I could use?
cheers m'dears


  • Well you guys know by now what I'm going to say - build an online fundraising page - as everyone here has internet access and hopefully lots of your friends have too.

    - speed - it's quicker to email everyone in your address book at once rather than run round and ask them personally for money,
    - personalisation - you can add a photo and your friends can leave short messages when they donate,
    - money gets to charity before the event
    - gift aid tax (28% extra) is added to the donation automatically for UK tax payers
    - interactive - you can keep people informed of your training on a regular basis
    - put your web address in all your Xmas cards this year or if you are sending out e-cards

    Here's the link:

    Free sponsorship webpages for the London Marathon.

    In terms of online fundrasing hints and tips once you have built your page there are some here.

    For other ideas - off the top of my head - that I've seen from our runners and in this forum too:

    Auctions - there's a website that specialising in providing signed sporty items specifically for charity raffles. It costs you nothing apart from having to organise the auction.

    "Guess the time I'll finish" sweepstake - put some times in a hat for people to choose and they pay a fiver to enter and get a prize

    Car boot sales

    Wine tastings - get your local off licence to sponsor it (or give you the booze or a hefty discount) in return for some publicity and the fact that it's for charity

    Divide the Golden Bond amount up and get members of your family to raise a few hundred each for you then the total seems less daunting.

    If you work for a reasonable sized company find out if they have a marched giving scheme. Some companies have a budget where they will personally match an amount their employees raise for charity - so you can double your total in this way!

    I'm sure others will have lots more ideas as to what's worked for them in the past.
  • cheers, have just set up the website for friends and family living/ travelling abroad or in other hard to reach parts of the country. car boot sale seems like a good chance to get rid of all the c##p I have accumulated too!

    wine tasting idea has spawned the idea of a cheese and wine evening. will look into it!

    thanks! em
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Get some publicity in work or college - post details on any intranet that you might have, posters on bulletin boards, if you have a birthday between now & April then get sponsorship instead of presents.
  • I have had problems in getting sponsrship money out of a some people in the past, so this year I'm going to put a lot of possible finishing times on a piece of paper and then ask people to donate £2 to pick a time,the correct time (my finishing time for the FLM) gets a bottle of champagne, donated by me - at least this way you don't have to try and collect money after the event.
  • i ran 4 a charity a few years ago made a big grid up divided up into squares with finishing times on starting at 2:45 (dreaming)up to 4 hours plus the sold the squres to freinds andpeople in the pubs the one with the winning time won a bottle of booze
  • HI, i ahve just got back from a local supermarket...have spent the lats four hours dressed as minnie mouse playing the flute while hubby collects. We raised 85 pounds...not bad for a tuesday afternoon...have got five more venues booked including a day in lincoln town centre so that should help a great deal. Have got local schools involved and also a valentines ball planned. Enjoying every minute of the fundraising as well as the training (well most!)...hard work but well worth it!!!!!!!!!
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