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Recently (3/4 months) started running, really enjoy my runs, longest so far is just over 8 miles. However - hills kill me!

I'm starting the beginners Hal Higdon marathon schedule ready for the FLM. My question though is that as that schedule concentrates on just building up mileage - no special sessions etc, will this help me on those hills?

ie Do I need to do specialist hill training? Or will I just naturally get better at them as my overall running improves?


  • From my understanding the marathon course isn't particularly hilly anyway!

    Please someone correct me if I'm Wrong!
  • Yeah, but when I say hills, I mean even slight wussy inclines. Even the ascent from going under a subway back up to road level takes it out of me. It's not that I particularly struggle with the run, I just slow down massively when it comes to hills. I wonder if it's psychological? He he!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Longlegs - you are right, it's pretty flat. However, training on hills makes flat runs seem much easier, so stick with it Adrian. Don't worry if you have to stop and walk on steep or long hills - the sense of achievement the first time you make it to the top of a hill you have struggled with is worth the pain. Honest. And yes, all the additional mileage you will be doing will increase your stamina and leg strength. I think there are some training notes that go with the basic HH schedules though (as links on the dates from memory) which may have "special session" info.
  • I remember when I first started running and like you Adrian hills were a nightmare. I used to pick a point on the hill and aim to get to it running all the way, when that was achieved I'd move that point. Soon I was able to run the whole hill, ok slowly, but run! Keep working on those hills, they do get easier and like Nessie says training on them will make the flat seem easier and give you race strength.

    Good luck!
  • Well the concensus seems to be that it will just get easier with time. Good! I'm just glad I live in a relatively flat area of the country!
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