Advice re expo times please


I see on the Saturday for registration the times are 10 am to 5 pm.
Can anyone advise best time to go to avoid any long Qs/etc...
Is it best to get there for 10am or wait and arrive some time later ? any advice be great as lots to fit in that day
Best wishes


  • I was there in the morning last year and it was great. It seemed to fill up steadily though so I'd say the earlier the better.

    Remember people are travelling that day, so most people will be later on. If your around - then do it early. It is open in the week too if your local.

    You don't wanna be doing too much the day before anyway.
  • Cheers Cougie-

    I am travelling up from plymouth on fri night so only day i can register. I see actually opens at 9am fo will aim to get there then.
    The rugby team i am a dr for may be at Twickenham that Saturday if they get through next game so may be a bit hectic !!
  • Hurrah !! Plymouth Albion are through to Poweregn Shield At twickenham !!!

    So will have to register late friday night i think, Nice w/e all in all i hope...
  • Good Luck to Plymouth Albion, I used to watch them in 1983/4 when I worked at the hospital down the road. Now back in the north.
  • Many thanks !

    I hope we win of course. I am the club Dr for the team so will be nice for me to work at twickers for the day !
    Then off for some carbos and sleep before FLM sunday am !
  • Hi Hubcap
    To the best of my knowledge the opening times for the expo & Race Registration will be 10am-8pm wednesday to friday 8am-5pm saturday. The timings are strictly adhered to so don't be late!
  • Thanks I hope to get to expo at 6pm friday evening.
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