halves v full marathons

Being a marathon runner with average time around 3hr 15min I can normally run each half around 1hr 36 - 1hr 37
but when running a half my times never seem to improve and I always seem to struggle
Training weeks for halfs average 30-40 miles/week
for full 50-60 miles
is it just me or do I have to accept that I run marathons better


  • Hi pan-man,
    one of the things I did this year to achieve my 1/2M pb (1.34.20)was to run at 1/2M pace for at least one run a week, starting from 5 miles and building up to 10. I run about the same number of miles per week as you for both 1/2 and full. My marathon time is slower than yours, but I hope to get a sub 3.30 next LFM.
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