decent hotels

thinking way, way ahead (unusual for me):

can anyone suggest a decent hotel as near as possible to the marathon start?

ideally, on the day, i'd quite like to just hop out of bed, pull my shorts on, and get on with it...




  • I too along with my wife will be looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of nights.Anyone know of any hotels that maybe cater especially for the marathoners.We are both really looking forward to this as it is our 1st marathon."Bring It On"
  • Near the start if far from the finish!!! So my recommendation is the St Giles Hotel, Tottenham Court Road tube.

    2 Tube Stops or a gentle walk down Charing Cross Road to Charing Cross Station, then a free train ride to the start at Greenwich. Hotel has swimming pool and gym etc.
  • ps Breakfast served for marathon runners from 5:30 am
  • I stay in paddington, easy fro me as coming from swansea straight to hotel. over to greenwich or blackheath whicever start i am on then at the finish line on tube at charing cross back to paddington. shower and back on train home. ideal for me...
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    The main hotels in Greenwich & Blackheath are booked out. There are quite a few B & Bs in the borough - can give you a list. Eltham (SE9) has a few & won't be as popular as Greenwich - probably around 2-3m from the starting line but trains & buses to Greenwich, Blackheath, Woolwich etc.
  • Thanks for the pointers people hope to meet some of you at london
  • Remember people might have booked speculatively in advance - seems that the hotels only need 24 hours notice for a free cancelation - so there might be places becoming available...
  • Thistle Hotels have a few near the finish and within easy walking distance of the finish. However, they can be expensive, but if you book now online you get much cheaper rates. Check out
  • We have booked a thistle hotel near finish. We did it that way as it is easy to get to Charing Cross and then the start in the morning and it will be lovely to have a shower and bed within stumbling distance of the finish. It was pretty resonably priced for London.
  • Hi Gerry Kershaw's Glasses! We're in the Thistle Trafalgar Square - which one are you in?
  • Hovis,
    The same one as you! Have to meet for a few drinks! Preferably after the race!
  • Sounds good to me! There'll probably be quite a few other marathoners there too. It may turn into something of a knees up!!!
  • After running the marathon it will be more of a gentle rising of the knees just a little bit!
  • Anybody know of tour operators that provide B&B plus coach transfers for runners/spectators?
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