hi, i'm a beginner and have just come back from a 2 mile run, where i noticed something. i seen to run forefoot first with my right foot and heel first with left.

have suffered with minor back problems since my last forray into running, and i'm scared the way i'm running is going to make it worse. it's more noticable when i'm tired.

running shop recommended i wear brooks ariel (female version of beast), which i do but i find them heavy, could this be a factor?

any tips on rectifying this problem greatly appreciated


  • I was doing this for a while but the other way round (forefoot first with the left foot) it it caused me no end of problems with my left hamstring and hip.

    For me, the cause of the problem was an old achilles tendon injury in my left foot which made running uncomfortable. Without realising it, I was shifting the weight on my left side to minimise the pulling on the AT. Do you have a niggle that you might be compensating for subconsciously?

    I now make a conscious effort to run heel first on the left side, even if it causes pulling on the AT. Hamstring and hip problems have gone and I'm enjoying my running again.

    Hope this might help.
  • thanks living life,

    i did have a problem with my at a couple of months ago caused by my work boots so i bought new ones and not had any probs for a month now, but i'll bear it in mind. as for other niggles, i'm sure my body is one big niggle!!
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