Hip bursitis

After a big run at the weekend, I've had a niggling pain on my right hip, just above the hip joint itself. It is fine when I'm sitting but tightens when I start to move, however it does slacken off once I've been moving for a while. One other thing is that it does ache a bit when I lie on my right side for long periods (ie sleep).

Some basic hunting on the web threw up the condition 'hip bursitis' as a potential suspect. Does this sound sensible?

Yesterday was a planned rest day anyway but today, I was hoping to do an easy 30 min recovery run - is this advisable?




  • hiya,
    Well everyone is different as they say but I have been off running for 3 months now with hip burstitis. Sounds like that could be what you've got.
    I have had anti inflammatories, sports massage and am in the process of undergoing Bowen technique therapy. I am signed up for xrays next week and am going mad with frustration. All caused by running after I had intially noticed the hip pain starting. If I were you I would rest and ice it and only run again when the pain has gone completely!

    Did you do your 30 min run? If so how does it feel now?

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