Emergency 6 week schedules

Have run 3 london's before (99, 00, 03), but have had a poor year in 05, with back troubles and heavy work schedules cutting into training time. I deferred from last year and want to have a go in 2005. Is anyone else planning to use the 6 week schedules in this month's RW? If so, fancy posting the odd update to spur me on? I am following the walk run method just to get round if possible and to enjoy the day. Anyone is similar circumstances?


  • Hi.
    Firstly, good luck with the run.
    Secondly, although I am not following the schedule you mention I am in very similar circumstances. I have been struggling with training simply due to my work shcedules being all over the place and not having a running partner. It is not advisable for a young lone female runner to go pounding the streets after dark. So my training has been highly depleted. I have received lots of "advice" from friends, relatives who are not runners, which kind of winds me up, but what can you do?? The only other thing worrying me, is will I make my sponsorship amount??
    But onto the positives!! At the end of the day, as long as you finish, raise money for charity, if applicable, and enjoy yourself, that is all that matters. It is alright for people to crab those who run or walk a marathon, but these people cannot accept that all are individuals, not machines.
    Plus, do you know what is round the next corner??
    I have run three mini London Marathons, three Great North Runs, one London Half Marathon, three Flora Light Challenges, a few local races, one London Marathon and I WILL COMPLETE my second in four weeks time. And I am just 20 years old. And that is why I do it, you honestly do not know what is round the next corner, you must do these things whilst you can. Not meaning to show off or write an essay here, but hope this spurs you on. Good luck on the day!!
  • Hello
    I am planning on following the Novice 6 week schedule. In fact I did my first session on the plan last night!
    I've had real problems with injury over the past few months, and so am now approaching the race with a certain feeling of trepidation.
    I did the Reading Half Marathon at the weekend, but still don't feel confident enough with the injury to go for any plan harder than this one. I'm just hoping that it prepares me enough to get round the course (I'm not too bothered about time, as long as I get round in less than 6 hours).
  • Joining the posts - please lets keep each other updated.
  • Ok - I made a great start. I broke my thumb changing the tyre on my sister's car. Genius!

    But still have managed the 30 mins and 45 mins with a little walking. Probably could have managed running the whole way, but am just being conservative. Might slip in 3 miles in the morning, then 60 mins run/walk at the weekend. Maybe slip's the wrong word to use. ;-)

    Good luck Sproog, FBGF and Susanne. We will cross the finish line, I'm certain of it!

  • good luck guys
    FBGF-----you know what you have to do
  • OMG Lennonesque! You take care of yourself!

    I'm heading out for my 45 minute run tonight. A great way to start the weekend!

    Happy training this weekend everyone.
  • I am following this schedule due to a hip injury which kept me from training for 4 weeks. So far so good, but have entered the Worthing 20 on the 20 March and have only got up to 13 miles so far. Might just make 15 miles and then it will be walk and run for the last 5.
  • Lennonesque

    Work commitments have totally screwed up my training. I am in US at the moment and can't find the plan on the website and don't have access to the magazine till I get back next week.
    Could you possibly let me know what the plan is for the next week.
    I am in Houston this weekend, doing a 10K race on Saturday with some friends and a long run 16-18 on Sunday.
    Hope you can help.
    Good luck with your training.
  • My training hasn't been on track. I've fallen off a kerb and sprained my ankle, caught the flu and now I've got a hamstring injury. So my hopes of running the marathon without hitting the wall are gone and completing it seems daunting.

    I've missed 3 long runs but on the positive side I'm allowed to do an hour this weekend of walk/jog ....

    I've come up with a cunning plan. Breaking the marathon into 6 mile segments. The first half a mile, will be walked due to volume of traffic. Next 6 miles is run, walk 10 mins, (repeat x 4). On the basis that 30mins walking will cover a mile. That leaves the final half a mile, which I'm hoping adrenalin will help me finish. My thinking that psycologically this will better than having to admit defeat at 18miles and walk. It also gives me short term achieveable goals to focus on.

    Has anyone tried to do something similar? Does it work?

  • Here's the novice/beginner 6 week emergency schedule for anyone that wants it:

    Here's the emergency schedule up to Marathon day itself:

    Week 1 (this week)
    jog/walk 30 mins
    jog/walk 45 mins
    jog/walk 60 mins

    Week 2
    jog/walk 45 mins
    jog/walk 60 mins
    jog/walk 90 mins

    Week 3
    jog/walk 45 mins
    jog/walk 75 mins
    jog/walk 2 hours

    Week 4
    jog/walk 45 mins
    jog/walk 75 mins
    jog/walk 3 hours

    Week 5
    jog/walk 30 mins
    jog/walk 60 mins
    jog/walk 2 hours

    Week 6
    jog walk 30 mins
    jog/walk 15 mins
    Marathon Day!!!!

    Rest days before and after long session are advised. If you can slip in a 4th day an extra jog/walk of 20-30 mins is ok, but shorten to 15 mins in week 6.

    Best of luck everyone. I'm planning on 60 mins at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

  • Gosborne - sounds like a good idea to me. From previous experience the run walk method seems to work best if you break it down into smaller segments (hence the run 10, walk 1 model which is quite popular). I think the theory behind this is that the minute walking after each mile or so minimises the amount of micro tearing of the muscle fibres which me the final miles of a marathon uncomfortable (sometimes). But I guess 6 miles running, 10 walking might work on a similar principle, I'm not sure! Good luck. Sounds a good idea. Best wishes for the big day. :)
  • Good luck to everyone, I did the extra 20 mins this morning while himself's dogs took me for a run- doing 1o miles on Sunday
  • I'm attempting the schedule as I managed to injure my knee literally the day after I got the letter to say I was in - great timing!!
    Just about OK to start running any distance againi now. Doing redcar 1/2 marathon tommorrow so hopefully knee will hold out for that.
  • My training was going great till Christmas but since then has rapidly gone down hill due to injury after injury.Did a half last week whilst on holiday in The Lakes last Sunday but then couldnt walk Monday due to ankle pain.Have dropped out of a 20 miler at Ashby tomorrow. Have decided to have 2 weeks off and am hoping all injuries will be cured by rest!!!!Its getting too close for comfort to be getting injuries
  • Hello all, i've just finished my long run(I'm following the 6 week plan) This will be my 5th Marathon,but im just looking to get around also. It was all going well for me untill a calf strain followed by a chest infection really put me back,I have followed the plan this week, today i ran 11 miles and found it ok. I was hoping for sub 4 hours, but now i just want to finish.Good luck to you all, keep posting your training runs.
  • suzanne - try & find a club to join, & have you tried Women's Running Network?
    If you can get runs in the morning this tends to be better, & avoid 'dodgy' bits of town. But don't know where you live, but might not be as much hassle as you think?
    If you get a headlamp you can go on deserted off-road tracks after dark.
    Wear baggy kit, cuts down on hassle, & reflectives around traffic. do loops round an area you know well.
    If all else fails, treadmill (take some decent music).
    Good luck!
    (21/f/5 maras 1 ultra)
  • Thanks for the schedule Lennonesque. I feel much better now.
  • I did my 45 Minute run this morning before work, which is the earliest I have run before (I am usually an evening running). My legs took so long to warm up it felt like I was out there for more like four hours!
    Does anyone have any tips for running first thing? Is it usual for your body to take longer to warm up, or do you find that you feel fresher as you haven't been on your feet all day?
  • Hi everyone - I've had to resort to the Emergency Schedule also as had 3 weeks off with back trouble in February and am just getting over "man flu" now so hope to start on the schedule tomorrow.
    Managed to complete a half marathon on 20th Feb so am going to work somewhere between the novice's and intermediate schedules. Still don't believe I will be able to run all the way, even though this was to be my 4th and last FLM and I vowed this would be the one that I did run all the way.
    Fingers crossed that all now goes well.
    I reckon I am at the Blue start. Which start is everyone else at on the day? Perhaps we could set off together and give eah other moral support!!!
  • Sproog - I'm not a morning person either, but find that if I can allow at least an hour between getting out of bed and setting off then my legs cope okay. Read somewhere, probably Runner's World, that it takes around that time for your body to realise it's awake, or something like that. Anyway, it allows time for the caffeine hit to set in.
    One advantage of doing morning run is that it's out of the way for the rest of the day and you don't have to have that nagging feeling that you still have to do a run. Not too good if you've got a hangover though!
  • i did 50 mins yesterday at 6am. Will do an hour or so tomorrow morning. Then 1hr 30m on Saturday. Finding it ok so far. Certainly feeling i'll be able to get round, all things being equal.

    Happy to meet at start and run with anyone who'd like a bit of moral support - good idea Lyndylou.
  • Hello all, just come back from my 45 min run(20 mins at 10 mile pace) Im also finding it ok, Football tomorrow night then run on thursday and friday then a nice long run on sunday. Im up for meeting people at the start, good idea, What times are we all hoping for? im between 4 and 4.30ish. Two weeks ago i was close to pulling out, now i cant wait.
  • If anyone wants to get round (and walk the next day) try the runners world pacing groups - they have people in most of the pens. I did last years FLM for the first time using the "run/walk" method. For the first 12 miles was paced by runners world chappie who ran 6 mins, walk a minute. - this averages out at 12 minute mile pace with a finish time of 5.15-5.30. The reason I "lost" the group was due to queuing for facilities - but the first half of the race was good and by keeping with the pace being set I had some energy for the second half. Also there was no trying to keep up with those that are faster at the start. I would thoughrily reccomend the pacing groups as with the anticipation of the day, the support and the adreneline rush there is a tendancy to think we can all run at Paula's pace
  • Lyndylou, thank you for your response. I'm not sure I can handle getting up an hour before doing my run in the morning. I have enough issues getting up with enough time to get me to work! I am definitely not a morning person. But maybe if I allow myself a little more time for the warm up, my legs may appreciate it a bit more.

    Anad thanks for that Shirl. I was wondering whether it was a good plan to use the pacer group, and I think you have just sold it to me!
    It would be great if they would stop for you whilst you used the "facilities" too!
  • Hi everyone - off out for 45 - 60 minutes tonight. Fist ime for just over 2 weeks. Wish me luck. will let you know how I get on.
    Know what you mean Shirl. I too was with the run/walk group from the Red start last year and lost it after the loo break at around 8 miles. They decided to try and make up time and I couldn't keep with them so let them go ahead.
    Did eventually finish in just under 7 hours having helped a lame duck I met at 10 miles complete her first ever marathon. That made my halo shine for a while!
    Hope I can do better this time.
  • OOOOOOps - looks like the old fingers are not working too well. I meant "first time" for just over 2 weeks. And now look at the weather. Been warm and sunny all day and when I have just over half an hour to go before I can set off it's decided to pour with rain!
    Ah well - out comes the wet weather gear. Just hope I'm not too rusty after all this time off. Ha ha (rusty - rain - get it?)
  • Lindy Lou you are the first person I "know" that finished after me- what are you hoping for this year - I'm holping for less than 6.30 but I'll be happy to finish.
  • Morning everyone - Didn't get my run last night after all. Had a good excuse though - my grand daughter was born!!!!!!! Beat that for a good one!
    Off out now for an hour though.
    Thanks for those words of encouragement FBGF. Just want to get round AGAIN. My best time is 5:20, so it would be good to do something like that again.
    Bye for now - will let you know how I fare after nearly three weeks off.
  • Lyndylou & Shirl the Girl,
    Now you've done it !

    Generally I just plod around at approx 11-12 min miling. My original race plan for the FLM was to do just that just plod all the way round with no walk breaks.

    The other week I was floored with the flu which made a bit of a dent in the training regime (I had stuck to the RW sub 5 hr schedule). Since getting back to the training, my legs have felt like lead and now I am wondering would it be better to take the short walk breaks (never done this before) or do I continue and try and plod all the way round. All things considered, if you reckon the GYR's time is around 5.15 any way, would it be better to follow this ??????
    Can anyone please advise ??

    "2 Sheds"
  • Congratulations Lyndylou!
    I'm sure the elation of that helped you get round on your run. How did it go?
    I did my hours run this morning. Again the legs really didn't like being used at that time but it was such a beautiful morning it got me through. Off to find some breakfast now..
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