Twice as Nice or Double Trouble?

By habit - I'm an evening runner who normally tries to train 3-4 times a week, I'm also ususally commited to play squash once or twice a week, training for Rugby two evenings a week (and playing once a week in season.) Then there's the Golf on weekends and the long road cycles...

I find if i try and commit fully to any of the other sports I enjoy, my running suffers and vice versa. If i do both i run out of evenings in the week and everything suffers as I need at least one full rest day a week.

I'd like to start getting up and running in the mornings, and reserve the evenings for everything else - anyone else train twice a day and hack it? I'm not a morning person by habit -Any tips?


  • Old Dog

    As a person that takes part in Triathlon, I regular train twice a day without any side effects.

    You still have to make sure you take a rest day at least once a week and try to make sure some of the session are recovery sessions – but you should not have any probs

    Make sure you ease into it though

  • Thanks Will,

    I intend to start Monday with an easy run in the morning 3-4 miles and a game of squash in the evening. If I can still get up for a run on Tuesday morning I'll let you know.
  • I've trained twice a day for many years & it's really made me run faster. I've even tried three times a day a couple of times but you seam to spend all the time in running kit!!!!!
  • I train twice a day three times a week - Tuesdays AM - speed/hard session
    PM - I take the beginners group which is a recovery paced run for me
    Wednesdays AM - gym
    PM - 5 mile recovery paced run
    Thursday AM 5-7 mile recovery paced run
    PM Really hard session with the guys at the Club.
    Monday and Friday i do one recovery run of about 7 miles, Sunday is long run which depends on what distance race i'm training for.
    Good luck and lay in the extra washing powder unless you are one of those disgusting types who puts on second hand used sweaty gear!!!
  • I used to run at lunch time and then do karate for an hour and a half in the evening twice a week. I did just running on another 3 or 4 days a week.
    I ran on my karate days purely so that I still had one complete rest day a week where I did nothing at all.
    Nowadays I have a small baby and I had to make a decision to do just one sport only and naturally it had to be running.

    Mister Running Muppet does only running and trains 6 days a week - twice a day 2 or 3 times a week - does similar to dangly spice and combines recovery runs with speed sessions on twice a day training days. He does have some impressive PB's but is also injured a lot of the time. I think he's just injury prone though.
  • Hi Old Dog and others - I have the same problem - attend taekwon-do class twice a week and sometimes find it hard to give my full attention to either one or the other. When a grading is due, sometimes I have to make up extra classes and practice a lot at home and that takes up even more time. Running Muppet - as yet I'm not quite fit enough to do both in the same day routinely - have tried and my body doesn't like it. Can depend on what's focussed on it the class that day (stamina, flexibility, strength or technique) and we usually don't know that in advance. Hopefully I'll get to the stage where I can cope with twice daily training though!
  • Thanks Forumite crowd - I spent an unplanned five hours yesterday afternoon being used as target practice and a climbing frame by my 5 year old Niece and her 3 year old brother. (It's a bit like combining a speed session with an assualt course whilst being screamed at constantly). I was exhausted this morning but still managed a 2 mile limp round the block at 6 am. (Clean Kit - Dangly).

    I'm actually feeling better as the day goes on, I couldn't get a squash court so I'm going to go out and have a long run later today or an extended session on the new x-trainer thingy that Mrs Old Dog (that sounds terrible but could be worse) bought last month and is now drying her clothes on...
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