triandrun Ballbuster Duathlon

Anyone seen 'Zilla?


  • I'm thinking about this - I can't do anything at the moment but it would be a target.

    How accurate are the distances? A lot of the times seem super super speedy
  • I might try this when it comes round too. I bottled it last year. Just how steep is Box Hill? It is a bit pricey though, especially as they recommend staying over the night before.
  • can't be arsed with this again this year.
    last year i said i wouldnt do it again until my marathon time was quicker than my BB time.

    box hill isnt terribly steep, just a bit of a drag.
  • Entries now open!! Bring it on!!
  • Definitely interested in taking on this challenge. The running part holds no terrors - it can't be tougher than a marathon unless ultra bunny is bullshitting about box hill :-) But the cycling is unknown territory - have't spent that long on a bike in 20 years! Any tips?
  • still not doing it :-)

    certainly equivalent to marathon i reckon badger... although i stand to be shouted down for that ;-)
  • Unknown territory for me as well, Badger. I'll be cycling the course in a few weeks time after the New Forest Half marathon to see how I feel. Will report back then!!
  • Excellent! Started training on the bike this week, and been shocked just what a difference the hills make. Of course, as a runner you know that a hilly course will always be slower than a flat one but for me at least the penalty on uphills seems to be much greater when cycling. I guess that makes sense as you have to push the weight of the bike up the hill as well, but it's obvious that I need to do a lot more hill work in the next 2 months. If Box Hill really is a killer, I'll have to adjust my target time significantly so all feedback appreciated!
  • Get that entry in, Badger, as it closed pretty early last year. Think about the training afterwards! You've heard rumours about Boxhill so just start riding lots of hills NOW!!

    Put it this way, fast guys normally do the 25m bike leg of a standard duathlon in around an hour, the winner at last years Ballbuster done the 24m in 1:15!!

    Watch this space for further updates.
  • Entry posted. Bike serviced. Local hill identified. Vaseline stockpiled. Proper training starts sunday. Next debate - is it better to run in cycling shorts or cycle in running shorts?
  • How much pain can you stand? You can buy triathlon shorts which have less padding than normal cycle shorts, which therefore offers protection from the saddle and still allows for easy running.

    However, given a choice between cycling in running shorts or running in cycling shorts I'd definitely go for the latter.
  • Definitely feels weird with all that padding - not used to that much going on between my legs when i'm running!! Gonna try a gel saddle with running shorts tomorrow to see if that feels more comfortable.

  • Well, Badger? How was it without the padding? I bet you were calling home for someone to bring out your padded shorts after 2 miles, hey!!

    I completed a 8m/36m/6m at <70% in 4:50 today just to see how much work is required to do sub-4 for this. I think it'll be a close call but I'm still going for it!!
  • It wasn't as bad as I thought - i was using a fairly up and down route, and on the downhills you get the chance to stand up off the saddle a bit which eases things. Gonna continue experimenting with both approaches to see which works best for me.

    I'm aiming for sub 4 hours as well (subject to your feedback on box hill!) and even though my cycling is very weak my bike time over a half marathon today suggests that should be an achievable goal. Still have to find out if I'm capable of running afterwards though!
  • Does anyone know if you can do this as a team of 2?
  • I'm signed up and can't wait - hoping to improve on my last years time of 4:00,12

    It's a great course as most of it is down hill :-)

  • I so love a positive thinking woman!!

    Lindi, will you marry me?
  • I'll think about it.... if you break 4 hours ;-)

  • That's all the incentive I need, girl!!
  • I'll be waiting for you at the finish!
  • With or without KY?

  • Whatever turns you on, girl??
  • Bleep, nothing to suggest you can do this as a team - certainly nobody did it that way last year looking at the results - but you can always ask the organisers.

    Lindi, not sure how a circular course can be mostly downhill, but I'm hoping that means box hill is a short sharp uphill shock rather than a long painful climb. I've been practising on the former, so as a seasoned campaigner maybe you can interrupt your wedding preparations and tell me I'm wasting my time! :-)
  • I asked last year about teams and they thought about it until the entries closed cause it was full!

    I would say the course is about 3m fairly flat, 3m down and 2m up.

    The up is not really that steep for most of the up - just long with 3 switchbacks.
    It is worth cycling the course before the race if possible as there are some sharp corners, the left turn after you have come down Tot's Hill is a bit tricky as you come at it pretty fast and it can be slippy with leaves on the road.

    Transition is in a muddy field at the back of the NT car park and is quite tricky to run in cycling shoes. I did it in trainers last year and am still thinking about whether I should change my pedals back to "flats and straps" instead of changing shoes this year.

    One thing I should warn you about is the cold - it was freezing last year! Make sure you have planty of clothes on and especially don't forget your gloves - only a right numpty would attempt this race without gloves and then go shopping part way through the bike leg! (I won't mantion any names!)

  • they used to do a relay option but with very limited parking and each team bringing 3 cars it wasn't practical.

    they might entertain a few specials tho'.

    one year i wore a long sleeved thermal top.. by the end of the first run it was wicking nicely... excet where the fabric wasn't in contact with my skin it had frozen!

  • Just done a recce of the course - Mmmmmmmm .... interesting, very interesting! The hills aren't as bad as expected - any regular cyclist should be able to cope with them. What is of great concern, and something which just dawned upon me today is running the bastards!!
  • .......... or more to the point, running the bastards after cycling them! My cycling is improving slowly, and has at least gone from pitifully bad to poor. But when I get off the bike, my knees have seized up completely, almost locked into cycling position, and walking is a challenge let alone breaking into a trot.
  • its the downhills you want to look out for, they really hammer your legs.
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