triandrun Ballbuster Duathlon



  • Multi - give me a shout if you are riding the course again and I'll come to join you.

    Hope you also checked out the cake at the NT cafe - fab!
  • I'd love to do a TT of three laps to see how I do, but I think I need to spend some time practicing my hill running! Will keep you informed though, Lindi!!
  • There's a lively thread on Tritalk for those interested.
  • Or we could just spice this one up a bit ;-)

  • The Tritalk thread seems to be mainly debating which one of them is going to win :-) All that talk of riding 3 laps in under 1:10 has me envious - I'll be way behind by then.

    My vote is for us mere mortals to spice this one up!
  • oh and shall i take the TT bike? or the road bike...?

    you've got more than one to choose from ?! ;-)
  • Don't worry Dave... I'll be draging along at the back with you - Last year the leading guy ran past me as I was still on my final bike loop... so I had to speed up a bit to get up the hill before him.

    Still had fun though :-)

    I'll be on my winter training bike so will use that as an excuse for being slow.
    2 laps in 1:10 is more my style!
  • The lead guy lapped a lot of people last year Lindi, he was pretty quick. Looking at it another way though, you got to enjoy the event for a whole hour longer than he did ;-)

    For me the 'which bike?' debate comes down to a choice between road bike or folder. I think I know the answer to that one.

    Mind you, making everyone do it on old Raleigh Shoppers would even things up a bit.
  • I like to make sure I get reasonable value for money out of my events!

    Training not going well at the moment as I have a claf injury so can't run... but I did drive up box hill today - does that count?

  • Driving up only counts if you're going to stop & give me a lift up the hill for the final run :)
  • I think I'll come along and watch :)

    It's about time I saw some of these Pirates in action - and Multi's always good for verbal abuse ;)
  • Love you too, Tiger!!

    You mean you'll get up at that silly hour to watch? You may as well bring a bike along and join in!
  • Tiger - If I can't run then you could do that bit for me :-)
  • Running up that Zig Zag never gets any easier does it?! But are you allowed to have one on the bike and another on the run?
  • They don't usually have teams... but if I can't do it I'll try begging!
  • Who's been lying down on the job? There's a mattress (amongst other stuff) that's been flytipped halfway down Lodgebottom Road. Now if they could move it to halfway up the hill it might be useful...
  • Less than four weeks to go! Why ain't I excited?
  • I certainly got excited when I received the race instructions! What's with this cut-off time of 2:45 to finish the bike ride? They clearly haven't enforced that rule in the past, so is it something that can safely be ignored or is it a new thing this year? There's no way I'm going to make that without driving myself into the ground, which will make the final run fairly pointless anyway. Since this was not mentioned in the application form, I'm thinking of asking for a refund.
  • Well, that's me stuffed then!!
  • I worried about the cut off last year... but it clearly wasn't enforced as I think I missed it and there were lots of people behind me.

    I've been told I can start running again so long as I do it gently.. so there is still hope of me being there :-)
  • Looks like I'm gonna have to bale out on this for the third year running. No running since Sunday, and now I think I've got the virus that's working its way through Year 2.

  • Don't give up hope just yet Multi.... I've not run for 2 weeks...
  • I have picked up a problem calf so that will be my entry fee wasted. I can't run, but I could certainly still crack the cycle in 70 minutes (did a practice run last week) if someone was short for a team.

    What's really gutting is that I have collected a whole load of sponsorship pledges for Leukemia research.
  • Any Ballbusters out there?
  • Yep, training completed and balls now wrapped in cotton wool ready for saturday. How about you?
  • Stockie - I htink if you contact the organisers they will give you a partial refund towards another of their races.

    Multi - how you feeling? Hope you decide to come along and give it a shot.

    I got over my calf injury and then fell off my bike so training hasn't gone quite to plan!
    I thin I'll be pootling rather than racing round..... hope someone has booked nice weather for it :-)

  • There seams to be a problem with the weather!
  • What problem? Weather was perfect in the end. Very hard but great fun, beat my 3 hr target time and the freebie top is excellent too.
  • Indeed the weather was fantastic, not the showers that I had seen forecast.

    Well done on your time Dave, I was pretty chuffed with my 3:30 :-)

    Tops are great..... but as always far too big for me. Why can't any race organiser do small tops that really are small?

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