T2 Events Interbike Duathlon

Where are you?

Let's be 'aving you!!


  • Still thinking about it.
    Never done a Duathlon, tempting, but it clashes with Brandon.....still.....
  • Hey Multi man! See you there mate!

    Avec new velo - avec baeucoup de carbon fibre!!! (well this is the 21st centuary init?)

  • Velo? Carbon fibre? You're an imposter!!! The real SP would've be riding one of those huge steel machines with a a sprocket on either side of the rear hub!!

    Would the real SP please step forward!!
  • Yeah - but I still got to pedal the darn thing!
  • And a sprocket? My old steel thing had a huge front wheel and a tiny rear wheel!
  • TL, sometime over the weekend, would you mind explaining to SP what those gear things are for!!
  • Managed 2hrs 34mins 55 by my watch. Not bad for a complete amatuer.

    Nice course, $hite weather, shambolic organisation.

    Everyone involved was nice enough, but quite honestly, it seemed that this was the first race these guys had put on and I'm pretty certain that isn't case. No one seemed to know where places like the start and finish were without consulting someone else. That would seem reasonably basic information to me.

    Sorry to have a bit of a go guys, but do take note.

    However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and better weather may brought out more supproting crowds.
  • LarsLars ✭✭✭
    I liked it! Didn't think it was marshaled too badly but I was running just at the end of a group so didn't need to register the marshals. First run was great as I had a clubmate (much faster runner) just in sight. He obviously took it easy as he raced away on his bike (until his puncture) while I was celebrating a run close to my 10k PB time.

    Bike went fine as well. The course was dry at the end so T2 in socks without problems. Got lapped quite a few times but it was my first outing on my bike this season. Guess with some training I could become a bit faster. Last 2 laps parallel to runners so I could see the winner as well (and unlap myself ;-) ).

    Last run was short, they told us before that it was 4.2k and the lap was the one we cycled 10 times so we knew what to expect. Unfortunately noone to chase in front and I left the opposition standing in T2 so there wasn't anything behind I knew of.

    Finished in 2:32:58, one place in front of SP. You must have been fast in T2 as well as I expected a Serpie lady and a runner in black shirt just behind me.

    The webpage says they might do another one in August so I will keep my eyes open for it.
  • I'd had a ding-dong battle with a serpie lady all the way round. I over took both her and the runner in black on the final run. Really messed up both transitions though.
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