Torbay Half Marathon

I run last years Torbay half marathon and thought it was excellent, from the pre race atmosphere at the start to the prize giving at the end. It is a great day out for all the family, as there was a fun run!

I think the whole event is different to other half marathon's because it starts and finishes on Paignton seafront and with the sunshine it makes you feel like you running an oversea event.

Car parking was a bit diffcult but no a big problem and there was more well organised drink stations on the course.

I'm doing it again this year on June 26th with 4 other mates and our girlfriends are doing the 1 mile fun run!!....


  • I ran last year's Torbay Half Marathon and thought it was excellent, from the pre- race atmosphere at the start to the prize giving at the end. It is a great day out for all the family, as there is also a fun run!

    I think the whole event is different to other half's because it starts and finishes on Paignton seafront and with the sunshine, it makes you feel like your running an oversea's event.

    Car parking was a bit difficult but no a big problem and there was many well organised drink stations on the course.

    I'm doing it again this year, on June 26th, with 4 other mates and our girlfriends...they are doing the 1 mile fun run!
  • Is there an echo in here :)
    I shan't do this race again, horrible course, t-shirt unwearable (too large) and a loan required for the rip off parking charges for the multi storey car park.

    Usually the organisers email me with an entry form and to tell me about the beautiful scenic course - sorry, but they need to get out more and they need to learn a bit more about course design.
  • Shades

    Just because you don't like it, others may. I quite liked the doubling back, seeing the lead runners & tail enders a couple of times. Made it all very sociable.

    Having said all that, I'm currently thinking of Dartmmor Vale Marathon, so unlikely to run Torbay this year. They really are too close together.

    90mins - I like seeing the other runners, but once is enough, not twice.

    DMV is 7 days apart from Torbay, plenty of rest time!
  • A week may be enough for a multi-marathoner like you Shades, but I needed a good couple of weeks after FLM. Expect Mrs 90 may run & I'll spectate.

    Dan - You wouldn't be related to David by any chance?
    You too will be a multi marathoner by then and you'll find your needed recovery time will shorten.

    The first year of DMV which started at 9am I had finished my previous marathon at 6pm the day before, I was a bit tired though, but I put that down to the drive home the previous night!
  • What a great way to injure yourself 'Shades'. I'm sure that after becoming a multi-marathoner reduces your recovery time but one day? Even a week is pushing it!
    Didn't have any injuries. Have done the triple twice with no injuries either. I do between 20 to 25 marathon/ultras a year. I will probably get injured one day, more likely by tripping over the cat!
  • How do you bend over to tie your shoe laces, you must be as tight a they come.
  • LOL SAM!! I have entered race and i cant see what the problem is. If you dont like a race it is a personal decision, but when i see someone going on about the course as much as this it seems like someone is using it as an excuse for their own poor performance. And after all what is the Freudian interpretation for someone who boasts about bigger and better??
    Freud - if you're refering to me, I actually did my best half marathon time of the year at this event.

    I just get annoyed when it's advertised as an attractive course etc etc, when it's not. It's just a shame that in lovely Devon a better route can't be used.
  • But it is a nice route I use it every day. so i guess the athletic club would refer to it as scenic. As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    By the way congrats for your p.b.
  • From what I remember of the area does the course go past the gasometer 4 times? If so then other than that it seems to be fairly scenic. Living as far from the coast as it is possible to do it will make a nice change for me, plus any supporters get to sit on the prom at Preston Sands and watch us go by lots of times!!

    If the old Beetle makes it there I'll be there!
    Aren't they going to pull down the gasometer? Not sure what will be there in it's place.
  • Trans co have sold the land and there is a big debate going on at the moment as the developers want to put a housing estate in the land instead.
  • Just entered for this one :)

    nice to see the usual group are here :)

    Hello everyone...
  • Hello AC ;)
  • Good Morning Trinity :)

  • How is it as race though? I ran the GWR on Saturday and that was a little tight in places. Hows the course layout, hill wise that is!
  • Blimey, this is a bit of a grumpy thread! Did the Bideford 10K on Sunday in the pouring rain and still didn't make it under the hour. 60 mins 50 secs. But better than First Chance at just over 63 mins - so improving. Thinking about this one - did the GWR in 2 hours 25 mins and I don't mind hills.
    LTSally - this is a faster and flatter course than GWR, you should get a PB.
    Well done at Bideford, that's a massive improvement over 10k.
    Are you doing Dartmoor Vale?
  • I'm doing a RFL 5K in Barnstaple on 19th June. I'm concentrating on speed work at the moment [ as if I know what that is! ]trying to get my 5K time down to about 29 mins. I'm entering the Graham Sykes 10K in Exmouth at the beginning of June, so who knows, I might get under 60 mins there. I will have gone up another age grade by then too - 45! Definitely middle aged and loving it now.
    LTSally - I'll see you at Exmouth then, I'm not running (I have a race the day before) but will be there to support some of the girls in my WRN group who are running.
  • We will be there.

    Our 4 th Torbay half

    It suits us the course

    can we beat 1.57 , i don't know after Blackpool full , see how things are

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    micknphil - Best of luck with this one, won't be there myself as I'm doing the Dartmoor Vale Marathon. The Torbay course is not to everyone's taste, but I quite enjoy it!
  • I got my number in the post today, I think its time to start a list :)

    Adverse Camber - 352
  • Right, have just entered this online. Don't know my race number yet, obviously. If there is a plodder like me who will be aiming for around 2 hours, it would be great to run together...
  • I did this race last year and even though It is great scenery etc, I found it really tough. I think it may have been a mixture of the hills, hot weather and wind. I also was disappointed with the lack of mile markers but I have applied for this years in the hope I will feel better at the end!
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