Hairy legs Challenge


  • I've done this the last two years. It's hairy in more senses than one. Some of the downhill decents on the bike are a bit hairy for me, as I don't like leaving the ground completely when I'm on the bike. Last year, I got to the end of the bike leg with a ripped back tube valve and the rear wheel loose from the drop-outs. You cycle quite a bit round the Ridgeway and it's quite rutted in places. Having said that, a lot of competitors turn up on hybrid bikes or bikes with no suspension, and the winner of last year's bike leg was on a cyclo-cross bike. The two running legs are also killing, especially the second time round. There are a couple of very steep hills. The first goes on quite a long way before turning into some woods for some cross country. There are also some styles on the way, and the kilometres are country kilometres. It is a good laugh though and not too serious.
  • Excellent - and there's a little legs challenge too for the kids!
  • I cycled down the hill you run up today. It's very steep. I hope I'm fit enough to do it this year. I haven't been doing much training recently because of a knee injury.
  • Has anybody heard about their entry yet? Sent mine off about 3 weeks ago having seen that max entry is only 200 but alas no number/details yet. Is the entry normally full?
  • I like the price to enter on the day.
  • Got my number late last week. (And Little legs number for my 5yr old, who is very excited!)
    I did the practice bike session last week, and it is a proper off road route, about 3 serious up hill bits, with 2 rapid descents, that are very "hairy". I think suspension would be an advantage, as my old "halfords special" was just about holding itself together at the end. It is now in for service in preparation for the race.
    Agree with Kev2, I will not be taking it too seriously, just enjoy it and have fun!

  • Not a great forum turn out for this one then!! Ah, well!! Enjoy anyway folks!!
  • OH MY GOD......that was a tough event! The second run is bloody hard afer getting off the bike.

    Well organised and good fun, so I'll be back next year!

    Managed 1.59.18 so very pleased to get under 2 hours.


  • Brilliant event... Well done Phil Rose for organising a memorable Sunday morning out. Little Leggers was a great idea for keeping the kids occupied during the race.

    Anybody know what happened to the competitor who was airlifted to hospital with a suspected broken collarbone?

    Can't wait for next year.


  • Enjoyed it thoroughly, though I need to work on my hill running and off-road cycling. Finished in 2:11, but aiming for sub two for next year!!

    Bring it on!
  • I was rather disappointed. I was going great in the bike leg and then had to stop to mend a puncture. Never mind, at least I didn't have to get airlifted to hospital. That would have been inconvenient. I was pleased with myself for running up those two hills both times around.
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