How it happened to me

Here's one of my club-mates' view:

Sunday, 8th November.
Daron receives an early phone call.
His head is still spinning from the night before, he is still wearing his DJ.
He has some paper stuck to his face.
'Hello, its me.'
'Me who?'
'Me, Paula. Are you in?'
'In what?'
'You know what'
'Look, I wish you would stop pestering me. Marleene...'
'Are you in the London Marathon?'
'Well, actually, yes. I got a place in the club draw last night, I think (checks face and finds it is his FLM entry form, strangely covered in lipstick)'
'Ooh, that's good..'
'Why did you ask?'
'Because I'm going to do it now you're in it. Can we go round together?'

And so that is how she made HER long awaited decision. Don't tell me it's a co-incidence......

Well done matey, bagsy the front of the rhino this year.
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