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For those of you of a certain age (like me 47 when I started this year). Don't be worried by stopping and walking for a while.
This year after 20 years of non running I started training for the London Marathon. I followed John "The Penquin" Bingham's get you round run/walk training programme. I didn't start until the beginning of January by the time of the big day I had lost over 2 stone and i completed the marathon. No it wasn't a fast time but I did it. I started in the 'get you round ' with John Bingham, he really is a nice as they say!! and had an absolutely terrific day. Go for it!!


  • KK good for you, I thought i was too old to get off my arse at 33

  • KK well done, I have read a few articles by 'The Penguin' and it's nice to hear from someone who has followed his programme.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Good for you KK. I'm 45 and have been running for 6 months now. Just about to do my first 10k in London on Sunday. Got a grotty cold so hope to have shaken it by then. Hope I don't let us veterans down!
  • Sweet! well done KK, inspirational stuff for us larger units. I started running 3 years ago at 16.5st, I'm still 16st (a lot more muscle than blubber now). When I first started I ran a certain 5K route. It took me 44 mins the first time. Last week I ran it in just over 23 mins. Not slow for someone the size of an artic Lorry:D
  • 16 stone! PAH

    White van man stuff!! :-)

    I started at 19st 2lbs!

    Mind you my knee has really protested, so much so that the consultant has forbidden any 'impact' activities. So no running! However he didn't say I couldn't walk, so I'm going to walk the Dublin Marathon.

  • Carthorse,

    I just gotta say that 23 mins for 5K and your stats is pretty impressive.

    Keep up the good work!

    KK. Are you seriously going to walk the Dublin? All the best to you whatever you decide to do. Hope the knees hold up.
  • Yes I'm seriously going to walk Dublin! Well I already had my hotel and flight booked and paid for, before I was told not to run. After I was told not to run I decided to go anyway just to watch and wear my URWFRC 'T' shirt! and support the others! having thought about it further I thought if I'm going I might at least walk round and carry any of the URWFRC contingent who've fallen by the wayside. :-) I've got big shoulders!!.

    So there! I'm going anyway! Nah Nah
  • Excellent!! Best of luck. You'll have a great time in Dublin but only if you enjoy the odd drink or two!!
  • Yes I'm actually going as the Unofficial Guinness Tester for the Unofficial Runners World Forum Running Club.

    Bet I can't say that after ten pints!!
  • Well I might just unofficially down a few of the dark gold myself. In fact I've been unofficially testing it on and off for over 20 years now
  • Well we'll keep this Guinness secret to ourselves! I'm sure no one else is listening!

  • Too late the secrets out and you're not the only ones. I know Ratbag and Nattynoodle are fond of a pint of the black stuff too
  • Damn!!

    Now I know what lies behind that blue mask!

    It's Moriarty and his evil band!!
  • Wish it was, I might run a bit fater
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Used to drink Guinness and cider as a lass - couldn't afford champers! Lovely, looney juice.
  • Guinness and Cider together, sounds awful. Do you recommend it?
  • If your wanting to get absolutely mortal then go ahead! That and snake bite used to get the Rugby socials of to a smashing time.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Yeah Blue Knees!

    Where I come from Guinness & Cider is the poor man/woman's version of Black Velvet. Haven't had it for years but remember it was serious looney juice.
  • Well you've got to try these things. I'll give it a go some time
  • Well done KK. Where can I get info on doing the run/walk thing? My knees would think it's a great idea!!
  • I don't mean to barge in, and I know that HTML isn't everybodies' first language, but I just wanted to let everybody know you can make links in the forum actually work.

    For example, linking to that article.

    The way to do that (if you can be bothered) is to type:

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    Hope that helps - obviously it's not for everybody, but those who can will be able to make their links easier for others to use.

  • One learns a little more every day!! Thanks Jeremy.

    However!! It's what I forget everyday thats the real problem!!! :-)
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