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Having done it twice before I know it's generally flat and overall downhill, but does anyone know where on the web I can get a cross sectional map showing the climbs and drops?


  • Brook

    I'm sure the Evening Standard ran something a year or so ago on the web but I've searched but cannot find it you may wish to try and have a look.

    Good luck

  • All i remember is a slight uphill bit near Tower bridge i think- rest flat as a pancake ! Living in Plymouth with huge hills everywhere i hope this stands me in good stead !
  • Hi All

    There's a photo tour round the course at this web site I have been told that there is a slight climb or 2 in the first 6 miles but therafter it's flat. Hope it's true!

  • If you're on the Blue or Green starts, there's a slight incline just after 1 mile, then a downhill thro' mile 3. If you're on the Red start, there's a fairly steep but short down/up after mile 2, before the downhill thro' mile 3 after the starts merge. There are no other significant hills, just short rises/falls of which there are several - entering Surrey Quays around mile 9, down into an underground roundabout at mile 15, a slight incline around 17 miles, another slight incline into/out of the Canary Wharf complex, then that's about it.

    Its the old course but it wont be much different to this year.
  • Thanka all.
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