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I'm planning to visit Ireland in 2003, and would like to combine this with a race, preferably a half marathon. I'm having trouble finding a comprehensive list of events. Can anyone help?



  • Hi Andy,

    I have the same idea as you, did you have any come back on your request!!!!!

  • See the connemarathon thread on events which loadz of us are doing. There is a guy called Ray on there that will be able to tell you about others too

    Good luck
  • Afraid not, Louise, but thanks for getting it to the top of the list again. Someone in the know (one of the Connemarathoners?) may see it this time.

  • Ah, thanks Wolfy
  • Hi, myself and a couple of running buddies are planning on doing the Dublin marathon on Mon 27th Oct 2003, will be a first for us, but thought a great place to start! You can enter online at!
  • PS... Active europe is a good search engine for events!
  • What's the URL please?
  • RC: sorry about earlier thread I was about as much help as a chocolate fireguard....still asleep I think!!!

    We did dublin this year and it was fab!
  • Wolfy - no it was a good suggestion. I've posted a message on the Connemarathon thread.

    I've not heard a bad word about the Dublin marathon though there are some hills I believe? I've promised my wife that I won't do any marathons in 2003 but October is virtually 2004, so I might just get away with it.


    What was the course like for Dublin... HOW many hills?? LOL

  • ? Were there hills?
  • RC,
    Waiting to hear from Wolfy re hills! I have been to Dublin on business, never run there,have the course mapped on my map! (sad I know) The map is only a street one and doesnt show things like hills!! LOL Was amused to note that the route takes in the front door of practically all hospitals in Dublin tho'!
  • Dublin course was OK. I didn't find it anything spectacular from a scenic point of view, the crowds were rubbish (sorry the Yanks bizarrely enough were up fer it but the rest were just not supportive at all). The hills start at c.19 miles I think and went on for a couple of miles which was interesting cos my other half was injured and really didn't want them!

    Quick summary of my thoughts on Dublin:

    a) Great city very sociable met some great people and had a great night out (or two!)

    b) Course, pretty boring not too hill except 19-21ish miles.

    c) Crowd support pooh!

    d) Would I do it again....yes but only to meet up with my other running pals!

    Think I may have been expecting a bit of FLM fever over there but didn't experience it.

    Hope Milano is better!
  • Sorry if I have put you off, that wasn't my intention! A lot of my running pals thought it was great!
  • Hmm, interesting. I was under the impression that the Dublin crowds were loud and large. Still quite tempted though, especially as I have family in Dublin, and I might even persuade my sister to take part.

  • Wolfy...
    No not put off, have entered all ready and planning a week out there as well....
    Has to be done, sample the Irish hospitality and all that!!
  • RC: no they were definitely NOT loud and large and I think that the reason for that is that the majority weren't from Dublin!!!! Dubliners, as you know, are lovely and friendly but with Dublin being so Cosmopolitan people were walking along the streets and seemed oblivious to the race. I think there were somewhere in the region of 8k runners so you'd expect a fair crowd but I was literally running around clapping to encourage them to encourage my other half! Dismal.

    I've done worse marathons but I'm sure they get much better than Dublin!
  • Ali, with that attitude you'll have a super time. The cit, the pre-post race atmosphere is great and I do hope that the crowds come out next year to give you the support that you deserve!
  • Wow, i think i know all about Dublin now, unfortunatly i was hoping for a spring marathon over there. Do you know of any!!!!! When is the Belfast marathon?

  • Wolfy..
    This will be a first marathon, myself and running bud just thought the atmosphere in Dublin would compensate for anything else! However we may not be in a fit state to soak up the atmosphere afterwards!! :-)
  • When I lived in Belfast the only way of getting a comprehensive list of races in the South was through Irish Runner magazine, not a great read by the way but fabulous listings. For races in the north try the website of the Northern Ireland Athletics Federation.
  • Ali, after running your first marathon whilst you will feel shattered you'll be on such a high that there aren't many places I'd rather be than Dublin for the celebrations we had a super time in Temple Bar!

    You probably won't notice the lack of crowd support as you've nothing to compare it with so Dublin will be pretty special to you whatever the crowds are like!

  • Ian - I know there's a Belfast Marathon, but is there a half?

  • Ian, so do you know when the Belfast Marathon is????
  • The Belfast Marathon is excellent and its usually the weekend of the May Day bank holiday. There is also a team relay option (5 in a team).

    There is a Laganside 10k in Belfast which is usually the same day as the London marathon.

    The Lisburn half marathon is, I think, in June and is also superb (it has one long steady hill which drags on for about a mile at about mile 6 but is still a pb course). There is also a 10k option. For details try to get into the web page of Lisburn Borough Council or from - the website of the NI Athletics Federation.

    There is also a cracking half marathon in Omagh but its tough - lots of fairly small hills all the way.

    Derry also hosts a the Waterside Half Marathon which should properly be called The Out and Back up a Dual Carrigeway Half Marathon.

    If you are interested in fell running down south try The website of the Irish Mountain Running Association. There is also a NI equivilent but I can't remember the website URL.

    Irish Runner magazine carries listings for all Ireland though. Its just hard to get unless you subscribe and since moving back to England I've let mine lapse.
  • Try this, I've just found it. - the website of Irish Runner magazine I think it has full listings of all races in Ireland North and South.
  • Try also An unrelated web site which has some fixtures. By the way, I agree with all those who said that the Dublin marathon is brilliant - trouble is that its on a bank holiday Monday in Eire but at my busiest time of the year.
  • The web site of the Belfast marathon is:
    Its made me go all nostalgic! I've run it twice and its a cracking race. Not particularly scenic and sometimes not much crowd support (but where there is its great) but still a very good atmosphere. I might even do it again myself! Because of the relay option thousands are out on the day. Just don't get drawn into being paced by a relay runner!

    Be warned! It can be warm that weekend - yes even in Ireland. There are one or two hills but nothing awful and its potentially a pb course.

    Afterwards make sure you visit the Crown pub, opposite the Europa Hotel. Its the only pub owned by the National Trust and is both beautiful and does a great drop of stout.
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