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I was thinking of investing in a Camelbak and noticed on wiggle that there is one called Snoangel especially designed for women. Have any of the women tried this product? Can anyone give any general hints or tips on ways to select the best product for me? I would prefer a rucksack style I think and the longest I run for is 2 and a half hours. Cheers!


  • Chris - am thinking of getting a camelbak or similar myself. Haven't heard of the snoangel but my local running shop told me the Siren is the women's design.
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    Hi Happy, thanks for your post! I've done a bit more snooping since this morning and found that 'Snoangel' is designed for ski-ing or boarding, though I'm not sure what unique properties it has to make it that. I've since found the 'Siren' too and I thought with a name like that it must be one for women. However, Wiggle doesn't write it up as such. I also found the 'Charm' designed for women. Perhaps if we keep watching the forum a woman who has a Camelbak will give us some useful feedback.
  • Hi,
    I am a female Camelbak owner! I have got a flashflo which is a bumbag type design rather than a rucksack. It is unisex but i have no problems at all with it and absolutely love it. I would highly recommend it.
  • Hi, the Snowangel has an insulated zipped tube, with a cap over the mouthpiece to avoid your drink freezing in the snow. Bit awkward to use on the run. I have the Zoid, a male(?) version, as well as the Flashflow. Flashflow is far better for running, very comfortable always but with only a litre or less in it's unnoticable.
  • I have a salomon 'vestpack' in a womens fit (Sweatshop will order it)Has a camelback-style water thingy and room for bits and pieces in the back, zips up the front like a tight-fitting gilet, has two little front pockets. Love it as it doesn't move around as much as strap-on packs. Only defect is that vest-type fit might not suit those with more bust!
  • flashflo is deffo the way to go for my 3rd season with mine........but a rucsac type one for biking/skiing/walking is best..........
  • I've indulged. After spending some time trying things on in my local running shop I've gone for a Salamon. The Camelbak Siren was never going to be comfortable for me and I was dubious about the capacity of the Flashflo as I want to use it for marathon training in the summer. The Salamon also has the advantage of being able to carry mobil, food, gloves etc. Mostly I liked the fact that you can really strap it down and it's very adjustable and very easy to adjust. Not managed to run with it yet as ill but hoping to try it out soon.
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    I've taken the plunge too and received my Camelbak Charm today. A little concerned about the rucksack style possibly chaffing around the underarm area. However, I was more concerned that the bumbag style might bounce. Eek! I hope I like it. Good luck with yours too Happy! xx
  • Camelbak Charm ordered today - excited now!

  • M..o.use and Jules- I've been considering the charm aswell- how have you both found it? 

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