Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Recently bought my seventh pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS - wore them for two days and then ran in Hastings Half marathon - NO blisters or hotspots whatsoever. You can't get better than that. The good thing about these is that Brooks don't try to revamp them too much, just a few tweaks here and there.
Fantastic shoe, the mutts nuts!


  • I second what Bill said
    Ive just got a pair of brooks addiction and they were top.
    I had no option but to make a half marathon my very first run in them and set off with a huge amount of teripdation and worry about whether my feet would hold up in unbroken shoes
    ( becuase my other shoes had injured me)
    I came away with one very very slight blister in my instep which I didnt even know about until i got in the bath last night.

    My physio recommended brooked and saucony and he wasnt wrong
  • Me too Bill and Jenny, I am on my sixth pair - the most comfortable trainers I find.

    Put my new pair on and ran Reading half, no blisters at all.....brilliant!
  • I should imagine that it is probably Brooks best selling shoe - it's rare to see them in the yearly sales. I just hope they don't do a major revamp on it like other manufacturers do. Have just sent an email to Brooks - praise where praise is due!
  • I've recently been running in Mike Air Structure Triax, which are on their last legs, and at looking at buying a new pair. Would the Adrenaline GTS give the same level of stability as the Triax, has anyone tried both? Thanks

  • Stokesy,

    PRetty much, but they are different in feel. I haven't used the recent Triax, but I found the earlier ones too flat for me and the Brooks harder, but better shaped. However, they were probably too hard for me and contributed to ITB - then I cured my overpronation problems and haven't needed such shoes...
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