2 marathons in 2 days

I intend to run 2 marathons in 2 days at the end of October. Yes, I know what your thinking..... why? Its a self-imposed challenge.

Can anyone advise me on the best foods to eat in between races to ensure I have enough energy to make it through the second race?


  • Sorry but my Mum won't let me talk to crazy people!!!

    Seriously, I guess it's gotta be loads of carbs in that hour or so after the first race. Maybe start with a sports drink and then get stuck into pasta etc. Also, if you can, try to get into a COLD bath as soon as you can after the first race. I understand that this will help with the muscle soreness that you're bound to get.

    A massage would be good too.

    Good luck you loony!!!

    All the best,

  • Which marathons are you doing, you of the well-chosen name?

    Forget about proper food between the marathons and get stuck into sports drinks and energy bars and sweeties - basically, you need to rehydrate and get those muscles refilled without delay. Aim for no less than 200g of carbs every two hours from the end of the first race until the end of the second. A small amount of fat and protein won't do any harm, but save the 16oz. steak until breakfast on the day after the second marathon.

    The ice bath is definitely worth a go (Paula Radcliffe can't be wrong) and try to get a decent sleep between times.

    I wish you luck. Bampots like you keep the world turning. Do let us know how you get on.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Why don't you go the whole hog and do the triple? - I presume you're doing Snowdon on the Sunday, and Dublin the next day.

    A number of people do the Beachy Head on the Saturday as well, so you'd be in good company.
  • There was a very funny article on the BBC Athletics website in which the writer described his attempts to replicate the Paula Radcliffe icebath in a hotel in Munich. He decided the best use for an icebath was to keep beer cold.

    So there you go, Mad. You can sit in the bath and carbo load with beers at the same time. On the other hand, your crazy plan makes me think you've been having too many beers already.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for the tips (and abuse :-) ), an ice bath it is then.

    Snoop Dogg's assumption is correct, I intend to do Snowdon and Dublin.

    I wasn't aware of the Beachy Head event on the Saturday - I'll be looking into that later.
  • Mr Nutcase....I like your style....go for it !
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